Partners With Web3 Project Swash Announces New Partnerships to Further the Web3 Advertising Ecosystem, the leading provider of permission-based, Web3 advertising, today announced its partnership with Swash, a complementary Web3 project seeking to further empower and promote data sovereignty in the new age of the internet.

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The partnership between Permission and Swash will focus on ways to build and develop an innovative framework for data ownership, control and monetization, governed by the ethos of Web 3. In particular, the companies will collaborate on the development of use cases that enable an equitable value exchange between consumers, brands and data orchestrators, with the mission of helping users across the web earn from what is rightfully theirs – their data.

Permission has created and recently launched Permission Ads, an industry-first, patent-pending, crypto rewards demand-side platform (DSP). Advertisers can now run campaigns on the open web and reward consumers with the ASK Coin for opting in and consenting to share their data. For advertisers, the platform enables them to run crypto-rewarded campaigns that build trust with their target audiences while collecting first-party, permissioned data.

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“It’s more important than ever for like-minded projects to collaborate to accelerate innovation that fosters data transparency and sovereignty in Web 3.0,” said Charlie Silver, CEO of “We look forward to developing these strategic partnerships and together providing solutions that will power a new phase of the data economy where the individual is in control.”

Swash is the first and largest Web3 data union, seeking to create a fair data economy that allows users to profit from their data. The Swash app allows consumers to participate in a global audience panel by sharing anonymous browser behavior in a privacy-compliant manner. Today, the Swash Data Union empowers nearly a quarter-million users to take control of their data and receive $SWASH rewards.

“The Permission-Swash alliance borrows a page from the legacy ad tech DSP-audience platform playbook,” said Seth Ulinski, Swash Ecosystem and Growth. “The key difference is consumers have agency and ownership of the data being transacted upon.”

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