RECUR Announces Multi-Chain Deposit & Withdrawals, Enabling NFT Interoperability Across the Metaverse

RECUR, the technology company that designs and develops on-chain branded experiences allowing fans to buy, collect, and re-sell digital products and collectibles (NFTs), announces that starting today, RECUR users will have the ability to withdraw their NFTs to multiple blockchains, enabling true ownership & interoperability.

With Multi-Chain Deposit & Withdrawals, RECUR users can now move their NFTs across the metaverse, enabling them to access marketplaces, games, and other third-party ecosystems on supported blockchains. The first two blockchains RECUR is making available to its users are the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

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The launch of Multi-Chain Deposit & Withdrawals is another major step in driving forward RECUR’s vision of making the Metaverse open, easy, and fun. With this feature, the entire Web 3 ecosystem can now interface with the world’s largest brands who are bringing their IP into the Metaverse through RECUR’s platform. Additionally, as users unlock the ability to access third-party ecosystems on supported blockchains, creator royalties are maintained.

“Multi-Chain Deposit & Withdrawals enables brands and fans to seamlessly travel throughout the metaverse, across blockchains,” said Zach Bruch, RECUR’s CEO. “As new blockchains rise and the Web 3 ecosystem evolves over time, we will continue supporting brands and fans alike through the future-proof solutions we are building with the RECUR platform.”

RECUR’s blockchain agnostic and interoperable platform provides a unique, future-proof solution for brands and fans alike that are leveraging RECUR’s technology to power their digital collecting experience. These features are integral to creating the kind of longevity and continuity that make the Metaverse such an exciting new frontier.

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