After a thorough preparation time, LoginAsk is presenting their new demo Artificial Intelligence Mobile App – LI001.

This smart app can be considered as one of the technologies bringing a new level of convenience for users. Logging in is now easier, convenient, and more secure than ever with deep research solution-based technology and high-precision biometric identification technologies. LI001 allows users to easily use images and fingerprints to recognize from their phone.

John Hanie – LoginAsk’s Software Development Senior, said: “During the covid 19 pandemic, there was a rapid demand for login apps that help users easier to access. Unsurprisingly, we found that logging by traditional methods is not only a waste of time but also relates to a number of security and privacy issues when accessing out-of-date cryptographic algorithms and saving sensitive information in a plain text format that can be easily read by attackers.

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LoginAsk’s mission is to bring a quality website for users, LoginAsk is continuously improving their products that will bring satisfaction for users.

“With continuous efforts, our new mobile app can help solve this problem. Through LI001, we produced a number of features to fix weaknesses of websites that link to the app and share guidelines that help ensure user privacy and safety.”

To support LoginAsk’s project, researchers also performed a survey of more than 370 individuals to understand the needs during the login process and highlight concerns around their use. Their findings include that:

  • 72,5 percent of users suppose that logging in traditional ways has become time-wasting and unsafe.
  • Three-quarters of websites contained at least advertisements that easily leaked user-sensitive information to third parties such as Facebook Analytics.

As a result of the research, the results were sent to the developer, then tested further and fixed common password mistakes that were vulnerable to attacks through websites. Using LoginAsk’s LI001 tool, cybersecurity security experts have assessed more than 40 linked apps of LI001 and found it to be safer and more secure than normal password login.

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In addition to using fingerprints to log in, the new LI001 mobile app also provides a number of other features that make login easier but still ensure security for users:

  • The app uses AI to detect data that is available to all registered users to build and deploy, making it quicker than ever to sign in.
  • The app uses AI-powered labeling to save suggestions in the cloud file.
  • To ensure the security of data, the application requires users to update the new password stored on the device within 1 month, 2 months, and 6 months.
  • The application only allows users to use up to 2 fingerprint codes to help control information more securely.

“Encouraged to develop this project, we don’t just stop at helping users to login via fingerprint and face recognition. In the near future, we will develop voice login thanks to the AI support” – John Hanie shares.

LoginAsk was established as an assistant website that provides great solutions for logging to users. LoginAsk’s mission is to support seekers by hand by aggregating, screen websites to show all the login pages you want to come to. With all efforts to bring a quality website for users, LoginAsk is continuously improving its products that will bring satisfaction for users.