AI Platform Tethr Announces Zero Touch Conversation Intelligence

Platform enhancements, new free trial enables users to upload conversations and see insights within an hour

Tethr, the leading AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, launched its Zero Touch offering, which includes a free trial giving users self-service access to the platform and in-depth analytics of their own customer conversations.

The Zero Touch initiative includes enhancements to the Tethr platform that make gathering intelligence from customer conversations easier. The free 30-day trial, the first of its kind in the industry, allows users to upload conversations and explore the platform on their own.

This initiative builds on Tethr’s leadership in delivering value quickly with research-backed, prescriptive insights as part of its conversation intelligence platform that doesn’t require coding, developers, or data scientists.

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With the Tethr trial, users can explore pre-built dashboards using data from sample customer conversations. Trial users can also upload up to 1,000 of their own calls and discover powerful insights Tethr uncovers about their interactions.

“We believe it’s time to change our industry and make AI-powered conversation intelligence easily accessible. Zero Touch enables people to see how Tethr works, get valuable insight, and put them on the fast track for improving their overall customer experience”, Tethr CEO Robert Beasley said.

Companies use Tethr to gather intelligence about their sales, contact center, and customer experience, especially about sources of friction customers face when contacting them.

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Tethr ingests unstructured data from popular voice, chat, and other customer interaction platforms, identifies key moments using advanced conversation and sentiment analysis, and then populates a set of dashboards with valuable insights.

These TethrRx dashboards score agent performance, measure churn risks, optimize sales results, identify operational cost-drivers, and analyze trends all without coding. For each metric, users can also see how their scores compare to industry benchmarks, enabling them to focus improvement programs where they will have immediate impact.

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