Deloitte Launches CognitiveSpark for Marketing Artificial Intelligence Solution

Cloud-based product for life sciences companies leverages AI to boost patient engagement and improve digital marketing value measurement

Deloitte announced the launch of its ConvergeHEALTH CognitiveSpark™ for Marketing artificial intelligence (AI) precision engagement solution, a module of the CognitiveSpark suite. CognitiveSpark for Marketing harnesses the power of AI to boost digital marketing return on investment (ROI) for life sciences companies, helping marketers make AI-powered decisions at scale and with speed.

A recent Deloitte survey of biopharma executives found that digital innovation is now a burning priority, with 77% of those surveyed saying their organization considers “digital innovation as a competitive differentiator.” And in the same survey, 86% of commercial leaders pointed to “health care provider (HCP)/patient engagement as the top use case likely to be impacted by digital innovation.”

Digital transformation and ultimately how that transformation helps patients, is a key imperative for biopharma Clients. Clients want a solution that helps them identify new opportunities, personalize content to each customer’s journey, and create new insights and modeling to improve customer targeting and experiences. Most importantly, they want to better understand the latent drivers of customer behavior to deliver the information customers need to manage their health — all while preserving transparency and trust.

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Life sciences companies face several challenges when using digital marketing approaches to improve patient engagement, including:

  • Siloed marketing and sales functions: “Stove pipe” patient marketing, and sales functions contribute to disconnected engagement.
  • Data access and integration challenges: Promotional data comes from a variety of sources, making it difficult to identify, integrate and leverage data from impression through to revenue increase.
  • Theoretical versus experiential business rules: Patient engagement strategies are often based on rigid and simple if/then business rules, making it difficult to identify and optimize engagement drivers.
  • Loosely coupled decisioning and engagement layers: Omni-channel patient engagement isn’t tied to a robust decisioning layer that can be fine-tuned to support marketing execution.

CognitiveSpark for Marketing addresses these challenges by providing a flexible approach to connect disparate data sets, breaking down traditional siloes for insight-driven decision-making. The modular, cloud-based product includes:

  • Integrated data sets: Combines brand impression data with patient longitudinal data to produce an integrated, de-identified data set for analysis.
  • Quality data sets: Integrates claim data from 320 million patient lives to provide a robust  foundation for analysis.
  • Leading AI technologies: Applies next-gen machine learning and analytic technologies to provide actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Multi-dimensional visualizations: Provides highly targeted and visual illustrations that translate the noise of data into consumable pieces of information.
  • Free form user analysis: Enables users to drill down into source data to generate their own queries and insights.

“Digital transformation enabled by AI and machine learning is affecting virtually every aspect of the life sciences value chain,” said Aditya Kudumala, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, in Deloitte’s life sciences technology practice. “And when deployed strategically, and scaled across the entire enterprise, AI can help life sciences companies reshape business models, streamline manufacturing, and enhance everything from research to clinical trials to product intelligence. That’s the vision for the CognitiveSpark Suite of products — use AI to bring big data to life and ultimately help life sciences companies be more personalized and authentic in how they engage with health care professionals, patients and other stakeholders.”

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CognitiveSpark for Marketing features a focused set of marketing modules built off campaign, behavioral, and medical data — connected in a manner that is designed to provide data privacy, patient safety and security. The cloud-based solution can integrate within an existing marketing analytics ecosystem to generate knowledge and inform marketing spend across multiple channels.

“Patients are surrounded by advertisements for pharmaceutical and health care products, as well as multiple, confusing marketing messages; and at the same time brand teams inherently face a degree of uncertainty in every decision they make,” said Mark Miller, managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP. “CognitiveSpark for Marketing brings precision and clarity to brand teams and the audiences they are trying to reach so there can be better engagement, more satisfying experiences and ultimately more trust with patients and partners.”

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