Introhive To Host Webinar Featuring Industry Analyst Anthony McPartlin: B2B Vital Signs & the Science of Sales

Introhive is the fastest-growing AI-powered sales and relationship intelligence platform, with the single largest revenue acceleration deployment in the world

Register today to learn how modern sales tech is empowering revenue teams to be insight-driven

Introhive, the fastest growing AI-powered customer intelligence solution, will be hosting a webinar at 8:00 a.m. PT/11:00 a.m. EST tomorrow, Tuesday June 14th, featuring Forrester Industry Analyst, Anthony McPartlin, titled “B2B Vital Signs & The Science of Sales.” McPartlin will share how modern sales tech is empowering revenue teams to be insight-driven. Hosted by Introhive’s Global Head of Industry Strategy, Jeffery Parrish, this informational session will highlight ways business and technology sales, business development, and revenue operations leaders can harness insights to optimize both seller performance and buyer experience.

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Historically, revenue teams have relied on lagging indicators and intuition in their sales approach, resulting in an unpredictable, reactive go to market motion. It’s time to enter a new era where sales technology is evolving to support modern revenue teams with increased accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Register for this engaging webinar here to learn the following:

  • How to capture and transform buyer engagement data into actionable insights
  • The types of insights that can be emitted and actioned
  • How to evaluate the vendor landscape and identify the technology that is right for your organization

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