ActiveCampaign Expands Ability to Unify and Take Action on Customer Data From Any Integrated Solution With Custom Objects

For the first time, businesses of all sizes can build unique automations across their entire technology stack using data specific to their business

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), is further strengthening its promise to provide solutions that enable companies of every size to deliver unique experiences that drive growth. Focused on democratizing data visibility, flexibility, and actionable insights for use across a business’s entire tech stack, ActiveCampaign is now enabling businesses to build automations leveraging custom objects. With custom objects, businesses of all sizes can trigger automations from unique data specific to their business model.

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Legacy CRMs and marketing automation solutions with custom objects have ignored most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) due to a steep cost and high level of complexity. The customization provided by those solutions has also fallen short by being difficult to take action on, while also lacking the ability to connect across all solutions to create a unified view of the customer. For the first time, businesses of any size will be able to build powerful workflows that let them create dynamic, automated experiences based on any set of unique data from across their entire tech stack. Strengthening its commitment to growing businesses, ActiveCampaign is making this functionality more actionable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

With over 870+ integrations that 70% of ActiveCampaign customers use, there is no limit to the depth of data possibilities. Due to the wide variety of customers that use ActiveCampaign to grow their business, every customer has different data from various apps that matter to them based on their unique industry, company size, selling model and more. Additionally, ActiveCampaign has 600+ automation recipes that data can be leveraged across, allowing businesses to build truly personal communications that take the entire history of how someone interacts with a business into account, going beyond sales or marketing touchpoints, and removing guesswork.

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With custom objects, ActiveCampaign customers will be able to bring 1:1 automation to their best-loved tools in ways not previously possible, such as:

  • Through ActiveCampaign’s updated Salesforce integration, customers can trigger automations from updates and changes to Salesforce Opportunities, with ‘Opportunity’ being the custom object from the integration. Now when an Opportunity in Salesforce is created or updated, customers can kick off a series of internal alerts or tasks, trigger an onboarding message sequence, send a message to the Contact within the Opportunity, and much more.
  • Businesses that use Zendesk Support with ActiveCampaign as their ticketing solution can now update contacts with details from new tickets or when a ticket changes, and easily automate the creation of Zendesk tickets, using ‘Ticket’ as the custom object. Users can automatically sync prospect information like website visits, open support tickets and form fills so customers never get sales calls while they’re in the middle of resolving a support issue.
  • A live entertainment venue that sells tickets for events through Eventbrite will be able to create an ‘Events’ custom object through that integration, enabling them to manage types of events, tickets, attendees, date, etc. The user could then trigger automations to send out event information, follow-up, post-event promotions, and more. If a person purchased their third VIP ticket, the venue could send them something a little more special, or reach out personally.

Partners and developers can create new integrations that leverage custom objects via API or through App Studio, a self-serve portal to build apps on ActiveCampaign’s platform. All customers with an Enterprise plan have developer access to build their own bespoke custom object solutions as well.

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