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Lisa Weinstein

The Performance Case for Real-Time Identity

When the next edition of any given Marketing textbook publishes, direct-to-consumer brands will have written the majority of the new pages. As marketers, we’re obsessed with these disruptive players and the seeming freshness and simplicity of their consumer connections. But the differences between DTC brands and today’s legacy players aren’t nearly as night-and-day as we pretend. In painting DTC brands as something entirely new and innovative, we’ve created false distinctions between the Marketing tools that define these…

Largest Out-of-Home Advertising Database Surpasses 1 Million Assets

DOmedia announced that advertising agencies can now access over 1 million media assets through its platform In 2017, nearly 25 percent of agency-driven US out-of-home advertising spend is committed to be managed via the DOmedia Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The DOmedia DSP automates the process of planning and buying out-of-home ad campaigns. As DOmedia indexes more media vendors and assets, it is introducing greater competition into the out-of-home advertising space. DOmedia is an independent technology company on…