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Dear Enterprise Marketer, Stop Growth Hacking!

Talk to Your Salespeople Instead. Let me share my biggest pain, the nightmare that is still keeping me up at night. Two years ago, when we launched Influ2, winning the first few customers was easy. Our product, person-based ads, was new and exciting. No one had ever done it before, so naturally many enterprise marketers were anxious to take it for a spin. But, these “wins” were delusions. What do you do as a digital marketer when you come across a new technology? You conduct an experiment. Spending a few thousand…

How is Artificial Intelligence Improving Advertising in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a mainstay in numerous industries across the world, enabling more efficient manufacturing, safer transportation, and faster problem-solving and data processing. While these practical applications are actively seen almost daily, AI is also being applied in ways we don’t see at first glance, namely in the world of advertising. How is AI Assisting Full-Scale Advertising Campaigns As AI evolves and improves, it will provide numerous benefits for advertisers, publishers,…