Comcast Technology Solutions and PremiumMedia360 Integration Enables Advertisers to Automate TV Data Management Throughout the Media Lifecycle

Integration Between Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) and PremiumMedia360 (PM360) lets advertisers easily exchange data, auto-schedule information transfers, and reconcile discrepancies–from purchase order to invoice.

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a division of Comcast Cable that provides media and entertainment technology to advertisers, agencies and content providers, and PremiumMedia360, the leading company in TV advertising data automation, today announced a new strategic relationship. The integration with the CTS Ad Management Platform enables TV advertising buyers and sellers to automatically synchronize and solve reconciliation discrepancies throughout the ad buy lifecycle. These new capabilities stand to prevent revenue loss associated with dropped spots due to order execution errors and invoicing delays. The integration can help save work hours typically spent in solving data discrepancies between buyer and seller systems.

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“TV media is a science of managing and accessing information for more precise buys and more efficient media operations—and it always has been,” explained Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager of Advertising Suite at Comcast Technology Solutions. “At the same time, between multiple systems, manual inputs, and lack of standardization, accessing that data quickly and accurately has been an ongoing challenge—compounded further by the ever-increasing screens and video outlets to manage. Now through our integration, our mutual customers will have access to the fast insights they need and the actionable data they demand from the Ad Management Platform. This allows them to quickly optimize and execute across the media landscape. Together, CTS and PremiumMedia360 are closing the gap between workflow and opportunity.”

“PremiumMedia360 is a company built on automating and streamlining data exchange – and amplifying value – between TV buyers and sellers,” added Cordie DePascale, Chief Strategy Officer, PM360. “That’s a need made only more crucial with new changes in the TV landscape. Now, new focuses on efficiency and insight, plus cross-screen advertising and digitization, mean more data to handle—and make faster data a must-have. Addressing these issues, the integration between CTS and PM360 will provide our joint clients with immediate access to crucial information to analyze, optimize, execute and report back to stakeholders—even mid-flight—saving them countless hours they currently spend on those tasks. That rapid insight is a true win for clients of both of our companies at a crucial juncture in the evolution of TV media.”

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