EqualWeb Selected as One of Most Promising Compliance Technology Solution Providers in 2021

CIOReview nominates leading digital accessibility development company EqualWeb as one of the top compliance technology solution companies of 2021. CIOReview is a technology magazine read by C-suite executives, industry experts, technology buyers, and other top-ranking business decision-makers.

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“EqualWeb is honored to feature as one of the world’s most promising compliance solution providers,” Co-CEO of EqualWeb Erez Bahat stipulated on Monday. “Our decade-long efforts bear fruit today and, we are confident, long into the future.”

EqualWeb’s year of 2021 has been characterized by major growth, as the company expanded its offices, bolstered its staff, and struck partnerships with international enterprises such as Lenovo, Zara, YMCA of Greater Houston, and hundreds of others.

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The company offers an advanced technological solution in the field of web accessibility: a “hybrid” approach that combines both automated accessibility functions and manual remediation executed by EqualWeb’s accessibility specialists. This comprehensive method ensures the incorporation of the most up-to-date digital accessibility features for websites as well as maintaining a fully compliant status with regulations.

“In the era of COVID-19,” Bahat continued, “more and more people go online, not only to shop and search for information but interact with one another as well. Offering inclusivity in today’s climate is more important than ever. Providing the highest accessibility compliance standards caters to growing demands, as an equal online experience continues to permeate the public awareness.”

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