HashEx Launches the Beta Version of the AnalytEx Advanced Blockchain Analytics Platform

Blockchain audit and consulting firm HashEx has successfully completed a seed investment round, raising $1 million for its newest analytics tool, AnalytEx, which is already available in Beta version for the company’s customers.

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AnalytEx is the first advanced analytics platform in and beyond the evolving DeFi sector that provides clients with data-driven news and insights via directly-sourced blockchain network data, aggregated in real-time. The platform collects terabytes of information, runs it through its analytical engine, and stores it in a secure and easy-to-access manner.

AnalytEx’s customer base is already rapidly expanding, with over 5,000 users actively utilizing the solution. The platform offers two core functionalities: blockchain analytics presented in Dashboards, and a catalog of DeFi farms and liquidity pools with the ability to invest in them directly through the Farm.Aggregator service.

Dashboards update data in real-time, so users can receive information about new transactions, tokens, and farms without any delay. For example, based on AnalytEx data, users can conveniently track recent yield farming-related changes, such as the fact that in February there have been 480 new farms launched across BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Gnosis chains.

Farm.Aggregator focuses primarily on providing information about the best yield farming opportunities, which is sorted by Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Total Value Locked (TVL). Among other records, AnalytEx curates information about hidden pools and pool token prices. Users can find and monitor all the essential data about farms, such as smart contracts, websites, social media channels, and launch dates. It’s possible to invest in any, even hidden pools of any farm directly through the app and interact with all pools: for example, add liquidity, claim rewards, or check the information in one place. AnalytEx also offers its own API with a lot of different functions, such as rugpull monitoring.

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