CareCloud Reinvents its Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform, PrecisionBI

CareCloudCareCloud, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTBC) (Nasdaq: MTBCP), a leader in healthcare technology solutions for medical practices and health systems nationwide, today announced the release of PrecisionBI (PBI) version 7, which represents a fundamental platform upgrade to support existing clients and drive additional growth. With this release, PBI – CareCloud’s healthcare analytics and business intelligence platform – is now fully cloud-based, far more scalable, and both browser and platform agnostic.

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“Today, more than 20,000 providers use PBI to consolidate their financial, clinical, and business data in order to make better business decisions,” said Hadi Chaudhry, President and CEO, CareCloud. “With this new, critical release, PBI is even better positioned to support our existing health system clients and we’re poised to further extend our platform, in the near future, to the independent practice market segment. We believe that healthcare systems and practices perform better when their business decisions are data-driven, and PBI empowers our diverse and growing customer base with the critical data and intelligence they need.”

In version 7, PBI has been re-engineered to run on a unified, cutting-edge SaaS-based technology using Angular JS and Microsoft .NET. Also, service oriented architecture (SOA) has been adopted to enable more scalable, manageable and robust API calls.

“With this update, PBI, a technology we acquired in 2020, is brought fully to the cloud,” said Adeel Sarwar, Chief Technology Officer, CareCloud. “What’s most exciting about this update is that PBI is now a pure SaaS solution that is platform and browser agnostic, meaning our clients can access PBI using any system and browser they prefer. This update was not just critical for the continued growth of our solution, but has enhanced the extensibility, scalability, cross-browser and cross-platform support, testability, and accessibility of our product.”

CareCloud is proud to provide healthcare leaders with a solution that helps them understand and leverage their data; helping them boost profitability, simplify decision making, and enhance performance. To learn more about the PBI, visit

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Francis McMahon, EVP, Canon Solutions America