Grid My Business Launches Unique Tool That Monitors Local Rank Positions Around A Location

Grid My Business is a local rank monitoring tool that draws a grid centered around your business. Discover both you and your competitors’ rank position for a search query in every grid point.

Grid My Business has launched a new local rank monitoring tool that specializes in monitoring rank positions on the local search engine results. SEO agencies and local business owners can also use this tool to discover their competitors’ position on Google 3-pack and make adjustments to their local SEO strategy.

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The think tank behind Grid My Business came up with an ingenious view of tracking positions on local search engine results. It incorporates a grid view for users to scan and monitor their local rankings around a specific business location. Users are also able to view and compare their Google My Business listing against the top 20 local search results.

“Local business owners want to know their ranking for the top keywords in their location,” a spokesperson said for Grid My Business. “But what they don’t know is their ranking for the same keywords could be different at other locations around them. And they can’t spend a couple of hours every day just to track these keywords. They have a business to operate!”

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“Grid My Business aims to straighten out that problem so businesses are constantly on the pulse. With the up-to-date information, they can make a few modifications to their local SEO strategy to grab those top positions on search results. Imagine appearing at the top of Google 3-pack in a 15-mile radius around your store!”

These are some other key features you can find in Grid My Business’ tool:

Customizable grid parameters – Select your preferred grid size and radius.

Bulk search queries – Discover the rank positions for multiple keywords in a particular location.

Side-by-side comparison view – Compare and analyze your local search ranking results over time in one view.

Monitoring reports – Constantly monitor your rank position’s movement for a search query

Scheduled scanning – Arrange a scan to observe your business’ local ranking performance ahead of time.

In conjunction with the launch, the Grid My Business team has decided to allow a select number of users to purchase lifetime access to the tool. The lifetime deal will be available from October 6, 2021, for only a limited time.

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