CreatorVerse – Creator Value Isn’t Going To Creators

The Problem: Creator Value Isn’t Going To Creators

The Creator economy is broken. Content has moved far beyond the early days when a home movie shot on a cell phone could generate millions of hits on Youtube. Today’s content creators invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in order to create and publish content relevant to today’s audience, and are often forced to employ an entire team in order to stay relevant. That some are able to be successful despite these costs is a testament to how large the audience has grown, with ad spend and hours viewed on Youtube surpassing TV as of 2017 in a trend that continues today.

True creators must treat content as a loss leader as they resort to other means of making a living. Creator ‘merch drop’ clothing lines or Patreon accounts, while essentially the 21st century version of “passing the hat” for donations, prove that audiences are willing to fund creators that generate impact even if the means to do so are discouraging and unappealing. Network effects between creators, a powerful and largely untapped source of revenue, are actively discouraged as platforms position creators in a zero-sum competition for eyeballs and actively discourage meaningful incentives to promote a fellow creator’s content.

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“Our mantra is “If anyone can use it, everyone can participate.””

— CreatorVerse

The Opportunity: Build The CreatorVerse

CreatorVerse combines the latest innovations in real-time NFT’s, Web API’s, and the creator economy to return the value generated by creators where it belongs: to the creators themselves. We offer a no-code, intuitive platform that gives creators the power to leverage these innovations in sophisticated ways without technical knowledge, allowing them to focus their efforts on creating impact instead of managing complicated infrastructure.

We’ve been there at the start of a number of successful creators’ careers and intimately understand the barriers they faced on the journey to creating a successful brand. By allowing fans and creators to participate in building a creator’s brand together, we leverage network effects to give creators a space to thrive and fans unique, high quality experiences unavailable to them through current platforms.

Creators mint a single Master NFT that becomes their proxy on the platform, then fractionalize that NFT into tokens that are purchasable by fans. Rather than a static jpeg or unchanging file, this Master NFT is constantly evolving, and creators are able to decide in real-time how to reward their fans based on how many or which specific fractionalized tokens are held in a fan’s on-platform wallet. These rewards can be as simple as the swag, art, and appearances currently monetized for one-time donations, or exclusive, intimate experiences that are far more rare, as well as new types of rewards enabled by blockchain and distributed ledger technology that have yet to emerge.

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Similar to how Clubhouse re-invented the “party line” for the age of smartphones, we are re-inventing the “fan club” for the age of digital currency. We will apply the latest technology to a concept already proven by the marketplace to maximize growth and adoption.

With CreatorVerse, NFTs become more than a jpeg with a chain of title, they open a portal into the universe of the creator that issues them.

Our mantra is “If anyone can use it, everyone can participate.” CreatorVerse will provide the rails for popular creators to maximize their brand’s value, as well as create a path for those just starting out to break through the barriers of entry that stop many talented creators before they start.

We are poised to capture a large segment of the current market, and at first foresee working with platforms like Youtube and TikTok in ways that strengthen their position while we establish our own until we ultimately surpass them the same way they surpassed television.

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