AppURL Breaks Down the Hows and Whys of Its Smart Link Features

AppURL | One Simple URL or Link for Your App

AppURL has released a blog post detailing the customization and analytics options that change the game when it comes to linking your content and customers.

When it comes to connecting your customers to your content, links are the building blocks of your bridge. AppURL is a powerful online tool used by companies to shorten, customize, and track their links across the internet. The company has released a blog post breaking down how and why it is such an efficient tool.

The “smart URLs” that AppURL gives you access to simplify link functionality and improve overall conversions. Some of the most prominent use cases AppURL shares are:

• Speed and Security
• User Experience
• Email and Social Media Marketing
• Branding/Rebranding
• A/B Testing
• Website and Mobile Content Promotion
• And much, much more…

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AppURL is packed with features that deliver better user engagement and behavior flow, and it is incredibly easy to use. Simplified smart URLs can bolster marketing campaigns and deliver a substantial uptick in conversions with just a few short steps.

Want to see how AppURL’s smart and short links can change the game for you? Read the blog post on its site here.

The blog post acts as a resource for those interested to learn about the features and benefits of AppURL, from in-app deep linking to analytics, and QR code integration to tiny URLs. Read the short article to understand what AppURL is, how it can help you grow your online presence, and why you should consider utilizing this powerful tool.

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