Everything You Need to Know About WordPress and Database

Are you familiar with the term WordPress and database? If not, then you are the right place, because today we are coming with a lot of information which is related to this word. That’s why you must read this post till the end and get your answer. When we are listening to this word, then we think that what is it? So, let’s start a discussion on this particular word. Basically, the database is a place where we can store all the essential information and data about the website.

In this, we don’t store the basic and normal things, but we can store more or most essential things. Think that, if all the data is stolen, or don’t find that it is good. Never because it contains the necessary information, if it is possible then we start looking for the backup. Otherwise, our company has to face a big loss. Isn’t it possible? Yes, it is possible, so start looking at some points in which we should why and how we have to manage the database of WordPress.

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Why WP Required a Database?

As we discussed above, about our main concept that is the c. So, now we are going to give a complete explanation which helps to understand it easily. Generally, the database is the type of server which is capable of storing extremely important data. It is the well-organized data in the line of information technology.

In this field, they are using the software, which helps the clients to store their valuable data. It is something like; we store some documents or our personal information on our computer drive. If you are going to way in getting your database, then it is beneficial for you.

So many ways are there to use and connect the database. A lot of plug-ins and server are available in the market for the management of their database. When you are using one of them, then they have the responsibility to manage the factors of the database system. Those factors are user data, comments, and some more things.

About the Host of the Database

As we know, the WordPress database is completely set by the host, which is also considered as a database host. You have to think about the database host’s house, make sure that you will go with their real address. You can also be able to connect to the room, which is the name of the database.

To do all the things, first you have to take permission from the host, then you required to login with the username and password, when you are going to enter the house. To handle most of the part, you have another option to use, and that is the local host, they also help you in managing the database.

Database Table

Now, we are going to tell you about what is Database Table? When you are storing the data in the database, then it is stored in the form of tables. The table is divided into rows, and in every row, it includes specific data. These rows are also including some information.

You don’t need to create tables; it is established automatically when you are making the website in starting.

There are several types of tables included in the database. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • WordPress comment Meta: – in this, we don’t have to express something else, because its name expresses their complete work. It means that in this type of table metadata is includes some exceptional details.
  • Comments: – it is specially designed for the comments because it has the comments of complete WordPress.

It includes some more tables as like: – WordPress links, WordPress options, post meta, posts, terms and relationships, the user or go on. If you want to ignore some of the tables which you don’t want, then you can’t remove them. If you want to get more details about the WordPress tables, then you can click here and read it RemoteDBA.com.

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Ways to Manage WordPress Database

In the above article, we told you about the essential information about the management of the database. To manage it, lots of servers are there as like phpMyAdmin or MySQL server. They are those applications that depend on the web, and it is easily used.

How to Back up the WordPress Database?

We all know that the database is very important for us because it contains important content and some other information. In some cases, as, if your WordPress is suddenly hacked, stolen or you are not able to upgrade its latest version. Then you have to look for the backup, so, we are going to tell you about the simple and easiest way of backup:

  • First, you have to log in with your control panel at that place where you have installed WordPress.
  • Look for the PhpMyAdmin icon and click. Then you get the list of the database if you have more than one. But if you have a single one, then select that database. Make sure that you select the right one.
  • After selecting your database, now you get the tables of your WordPress.
  • On the right side, you will find the button, export, click on it.
  • When you have done it, then you will be able to see the dialogue box and that table which you want to export to your device. You have to be sure that you check all the tables by selecting the “select all”.
  • On the same page, when you scroll down the page, then you will also see the list of formats that you can be able to save into your database.

These are some steps that you can follow very easily, and these are also helpful in backing up your database just in few minutes. You have to make sure that you will try to back up your data in the right way, but if anything goes wrong, then it creates a big problem for your site.

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