MarTech Interview with Dan McAdams, Sr. Director, Developer Relations at Tapjoy


With mobile and in-app advertising becoming more than just a trend in the martech / adtech marketplace, it is time for marketers and advertisers to improve their mobile ad plans and strategies. Dan McAdams, Sr. Director, Developer Relations at Tapjoy shares his thoughts in this interview:


Welcome to this martech chat Dan, tell us more about Tapjoy and its journey over the last few years and especially new (latest) innovations!

Thank you! I’ve been with Tapjoy for almost seven years, and it’s been a fantastic journey. Tapjoy offers one of the most unique ad experiences for users, and it continues to evolve as a marketplace for app publishers, advertisers, and users to come together to find shared value. Increasing that shared value drives everything we do, from the quality of our platform to the tools we offer our partners.

Lately, we’ve doubled down on those tools for our Offerwall partners. Publishers can dive deep into user segments to test their monetization approach at a much more granular level, ensuring each user receives a tailored ad experience. The best part, it’s 100% opt-in by users, and with so many options available, there’s something for everyone. New users may test the waters with an easy survey for some in-game rewards, while more dedicated users can shop online and receive huge benefits. The tools available for publishers allow for not just better matching of when users choose to engage with ads, but the rewards they’re offered as well.

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on the current top trends on mobile advertising and in-app marketing and advertising; what are some ways in which you’ve seen this change over time?

Advertising companies must show they can provide value in a world without the IDFA. Those that can are being acquired, and the market is red hot with consolidations of companies expanding and vertically align between apps, services, and advertising. The increased pressures of privacy changes add to the pace of acquisitions as these companies look to circle the wagons around their user bases and content offerings. 

What are some best practices that you feel marketing teams need to follow to optimize ROI from mobile advertising experiences? 

Have reliable tools to help track and measure spend and return. Know your risk tolerance when it comes to testing new channels and strategies. Be cognizant of privacy changes this year — the landscape is changing regularly and the impact of ATT is unknown.

Tell us your thoughts on the evolving and growing use of AI in mobile advertising and adtech today and how you feel this will influence the future of marketing and advertising?

The move towards more machine learning in the advertising space is inevitable, and there are dozens of practical applications. Tapjoy utilizes AI to help analyze and parse Customer Service tickets. We rely more and more on AI/ML tools and will continue to do so, allowing more time by individuals to be spent elsewhere. You will never fully replace the relationship between buyers and sellers, monetization managers and account managers, etc.; some things need the human touch.

What are some of the core marketing technologies that you feel marketing teams should not be doing without, today, at least in the B2B and tech marketplace? 

Whether it’s internally built or externally bought, making sure you’ve got the reporting/analytics tools in place is crucial. These tools must analyze not only ROI today but also predict future LTVs. To build this yourself requires tremendous resources, but is tailored to your business. If you buy, there are trade-offs, but make sure you have support and flexibility in your tech.

A few predictions that you have for the future of martech and adtech?

Privacy will continue to dominate the conversation. Apple, Google, International, and state laws are changing, and it’s harder to measure your marketing efforts across channels. 

People will have options when it comes to their ad experiences — they realize there is value in their identity, and they want to be rewarded for it, or they want to opt-out. With a newfound sense of value, users will look to places that share that value back to them.

A few takeaways for marketing leaders and CMOs in 2021: top factors they should keep in mind as they plan for the rest of the year, innovate and expand their teams?

New ad experiences are continuing to emerge — be diverse in your approach and in your teams. Test new platforms and products to find value. There is a shift in gaming around cross-platform and the metaverse that will bring opportunities. Privacy changes from Apple and Google will require your teams to be nimble and to do more with less.

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Tapjoy is a leading mobile advertising and app monetization company. Our platform empowers advertisers to connect with over one billion monthly active users through value exchange advertising that drives awareness, engagement, and the metrics that matter most to their overall growth. Meanwhile, companies such as Scopely, Glu, Ludia, and many of the Top 200 grossing app publishers trust our platform to monetize their content, grow their audiences, and reward their users. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, Tapjoy is a global organization with offices in Santa Barbara, Boston, London, Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul. For more information, visit

Dan McAdams is a digital advertising professional specializing in sales, account management, and publisher services. He excels at both qualitative and quantitative analysis, driving value for partners through data-driven insights. As the Senior Director of Developer Relations at Tapjoy, Dan advises top-grossing mobile developers and advertisers on mobile advertising monetization and user acquisition strategy.

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