AI-Powered Writing Assistant Outranking Version 6.0 Promises to Make Quality Content Production 10x Faster

Outranking Pankil Shah, CEO and co-founder of Delaware-based SaaS startup Outranking is out to prove that AI-powered research and writing no longer belongs in the realm of science-fiction but rather, everyday reality. The subscription-based tool just rolled out a new AI Wizard feature, along with multiple SEO enhancements that lead to higher organic traffic potential. The improvements are poised to edge out competitors with their exclusive ability to guide creators through a step-by-step, optimized content creation process. Outranking also offers the ability to integrate with other widely used writing, editing, and publishing tools like Grammarly, Google Docs, and WordPress. Their proprietary tool is currently available in 13 different languages.

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One of the most significant advantages for writers and SEO’s is Outranking’s ability to automate deep research into a defined topic, enabling users to develop factual, nuanced writing at least ten times faster than conducting the same queries manually.

This new and improved version of Outranking promises to “strip away the fluff,” increase relevancy, and leverages AI to research and write facts. According to its developers, smart logic hastens the creation process and allows more precise control over everything from YouTube headers to podcast transcripts.

“We’ve made incredible strides when it comes to conducting multi-keyword and topic coverage research. No other tool can offer this amount of granularity and insight into the way competitors are using keywords. We aim to make writers better at their job by assisting in research automation, fact gathering and writing SEO content based on those facts. Our users are able to publish quality content at a rate 10x faster than they did before using Outranking.”

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