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Dynamic Yield Launches Multi-Touch Campaigns to Scale Experience Delivery Across the Customer Journey

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European Electronics Retailer Chal-Tec Cites New Feature as Vital to Experimentation

Dynamic Yield, the AI-powered omnichannel personalization engine, announced the launch of Multi-Touch Campaigns – a new capability empowering businesses to build personalization campaigns that cut across multiple pages and touchpoints to deliver a seamless customer experience to each and every visitor.

With Multi-Touch Campaigns, instead of building individual campaigns to test specific interactions, pages or offers, customers can create a single campaign that cuts across the entirety of the customer journey. A Multi-Touch Campaign can include multiple pages and also multiple content elements, offers, notifications, contextual nudges, product recommendations, and more.

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Multi-Touch Campaigns leverage Dynamic Yield’s core testing and optimization capabilities, so marketers can easily test entire sets of experiences against one another – whether that involves a small element of a journey or the entire customer flow – to determine what customer journeys perform best for each of their audience segments.

“We want marketers to think about the entire digital customer experience they’re providing,” says Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Instead of focusing on specific interactions or optimizations restricted just to a single page or content element, marketers now have the ability to zoom back, look at the big picture, and craft truly personalized & optimized customer journeys.”

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As an illustration, let’s say a retailer wants to test a Free Shipping offer vs. one for 10% Off. Using Dynamic Yield’s Multi-Touch Campaigns, they can now set up two entirely different customer journeys. One including the Free Shipping offer displayed on the homepage, countdown banners, product pages, checkout pages, and any additional aspects of the customer journey. And the other, featuring the 10% Off promotion across the same touchpoints. By joining all elements of the customer journey in the test, a marketer is able to save valuable time (vs. testing individual elements) and can quickly craft highly optimized customer journeys.

“As early beta testers, we used the new Multi-Touch Campaign capabilities to drive changes and test the entire website journey for one of our key customer segments,” said Christian Ebhardt, Shop Manager of eCommerce & CRO Manager at Chal-Tec. “This was all set up as a single experiment to guarantee consistency throughout the entire customer journey, no matter the touchpoint. So far, we’ve seen great returns, with an increase of over 27% in the conversion rate for these customers.”

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