H2O.ai Announces Industry Leading Lineup for H2O AI World London 2018

Upcoming Conference on the Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with Insights from Experts from PwC, Barclays, NVIDIA and More

H2O.ai, the open source leader in AI, announced the latest additions to the speaker lineup for H2O AI World London, a two-day interactive event featuring deep-dive technical sessions, talks on real-world business use cases and hands-on training. With speakers from PwC, Barclays, NVIDIA, IBM, Citi and more, the conference will bring together data scientists, business analysts and executives across multiple industries to discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, important use cases and the biggest challenges currently facing the industry.

Join H2O.ai in London to connect with the community and learn how to harness the full value of AI, ML, deep learning and data science from industry-recognized speakers and hands-on training sessions.

On day one of the conference, sessions will focus on hands-on technical training for H2O.ai’s groundbreaking products, H2O Driverless AIH2O-3 and Sparkling Water, to empower data scientists and analysts of all levels to work on projects faster and more efficiently through automation and state-of-the-art computing power. These training sessions will provide new and existing users of H2O.ai products the information needed to make the most of their data science tools.

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Day two of H2O AI World will feature keynote presentations from H2O.ai and several industry leaders highlighting the potential of AI to solve real problems. Sessions will uncover insights into the various challenges organizations encounter in leveraging AI’s potential, while training sessions will teach all types of attendees how to harness the full value of AI, ML, deep learning and data science industries from both business and technical perspectives.

The keynote lineup includes:

  • Sri Ambati, Founder and CEO, H2O.ai: Ambati started H2O.ai with a clear mission in mind – make exceptional AI available to everyone. Known for his knack for envisioning killer apps in fast evolving spaces and assembling stellar teams towards productizing that vision, Ambati has built H2O.ai into one of the foremost leaders in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through open source H2O and the automatic machine learning platform Driverless AI, he drives high quality product development within the organization and uses that to fuel his passion for changing the world in a meaningful way through AI.
  • Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA: With over 30 years of experience in senior executive roles across the US, UK and India, Trivedi has led worldwide sales and business development for NVIDIA’s Datacenter and Professional Visualization products including TESLA HPC and Hyperscale Datacenter servers, DGX AI Supercomputers, QUADRO graphics workstations and CUDA, OpenACC, Deep Learning and GRID virtualization software since 2009.
  • Gary Rapsey, Global Assurance Chief Innovation Officer at PwC: Rapsey leads innovation of PwC’s Assurance services globally. Over the last five years, he has led the development and implementation of new audit technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence solutions.

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Additional H2O AI World feature session presenters from H2O.ai customers and partners include:

  • Dr. James Tromans, Head of Data Science for FX Trading at Citi: Tromans will host a session entitled, “Building a well-oiled machine,” where he will discuss what it takes to build and manage a high performing team in the world of democratized machine learning, taking a close look how teams choose everything from technology and algorithms to process and engagement, and where those choices can take us.
  • David Kearns, Product Manager, Analytics Ecosystem, Data Science and Business Analytics at IBM: How do AI, machine learning and baseball come together? In his session, “Hit a home run making baseball decisions using artificial intelligence and machine learning,” Kearns will cover just that, illustrating how ML technologies and concepts are powering today’s decisions using real-life baseball data.
  • Levi Brackman, Principal Data Scientist at Travelport: As principal data scientist at a leading travel commerce platform, Brackman and his team are regularly challenged by the complex needs of data processing, performance and latency on a large scale. In his session, Brackman will highlight how Travelport leverages H2O and other big data technologies to solve these problems, sharing practical advice for other companies just starting their AI journey.

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  • Avkash Chauhan, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Businesses at Macnica America: For any manufacturer, it is important to know how the yield will be for the next manufacturing cycle, as well as the key components contributing to manufacturing production to ensure that they are optimized for maximum production at all times. Chauhan’s session, “Using DriverlessAI for yield production and top responsible features in manufacturing,” will cover how to apply machine learning to these critical manufacturing problems and demonstrate how Macnica America uses Driverless AI to process manufacturing data and optimize processes.
  • Tanya Berger-Wolf, Co-founder and Director at Wildbook: Berger-Wolf is the co-founder and director at Wildbook, a tech project for conservation non-profit Wild Me that combs through massive collections of images to detect various species of animals and individuals within that species. In this session, Berger-Wolf will talk about how Wildbook is using machine learning technology to empower scientific inquiry, conservation and citizen science, and the potential impact these efforts could have on several endangered species around the world.

H2O AI World London will also include a number of must attend panels:

  • Women and Inclusion in Data Science: Listen to views, opinions and insights on this important topic from women in data science.
  • Meet the Kaggle Grandmasters: One of the most anticipated sessions of H2O AI World is listening and learning from the experts in AI. Find out how they got their start, their tips and insights on the latest in AI.

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