H2O.ai Named “Top 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Software Solution” by Enterprise Management Associates

Industry Analyst Firm Recognizes H2O.ai for Execution on Mission to Democratize AI for the Enterprise

H2O.ai, the open source leader in AI, has been named a “Top 3 Vendor” in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in its latest report titled “EMA Top 3 Enterprise Decision Guide for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML),” based on the innovations of its enterprise-ready automated machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI.

The new report from EMA provides guidance for enterprises on how to optimally leverage today’s AI and ML capabilities depending on their individual situation and priorities, specifically highlighting the top three enterprise software products in the industry it recommends should be included in product evaluations. Each of the Top 3 Vendors EMA were chosen based on end user research, market analysis, technical product reviews and expert interviews to provide enterprise customers with pragmatic guidance to optimally benefit from AI and ML.

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In the EMA report, H2O.ai is specifically recognized for “its vision of creating an AI and ML tool that ultimately aims to allow almost everyone within the business to create their own predictive models,” and how that vision is executed in H2O Driverless AI. The automated machine learning platform empowers data scientists or data analysts to work on projects faster and more efficiently by using automation and state-of-the-art computing power to accomplish tasks that can take humans months in just minutes or hours by delivering automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment, machine learning interpretability, time-series, NLP and automatic pipeline generation for model scoring.

As part of its commitment to democratizing AI, H2O.ai recently announced expanded NLP capabilities and integrations for H2O Driverless AI that allow organizations to broaden their current AI strategies, directly address key machine learning use cases, improve the accuracy of many predictive models like fraud detection and churn, and expand to sentiment analysis, document classification and other text-centric applications.

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“There is a very clear need in the market for a solution that enables a broader subset of employees within an organization to leverage the power of AI and ML to drive decision-making, and H2O Driverless AI aims to accomplish just that,” said Torsten Volk, managing research director of containers, DevOps, machine learning and artificial intelligence at EMA. “During our testing of the platform using a variety of different data sets, it achieved impressive results – automatically extracting a tremendous amount of predictive capacity from the data sets and making this capacity available via automatically generated scoring pipelines. This, in turn, enables organizations to gradually introduce AI and ML capabilities into their software development process.”

In his analysis of H2O Driverless AI, Volk notes that H2O.ai levels the playing field in AI and ML by enabling everyone to experiment with data and algorithms to make fact-driven business decisions and build a strong data-driven culture from an organization’s earliest stages, while preventing common issues and mistakes that are often made at the start of an AI journey.

“At H2O.ai, we are truly committed to democratizing AI – allowing anyone in an organization to realize the full potential of their data through automatic machine learning,” said Ingrid Burton, CMO at H2O.ai. “We are honored that EMA understands the value of what H2O Driverless AI has to offer as enterprises embark on their AI Transformation.”

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