Top Twelve Women CMOs to Follow on Twitter

As Influencers, Women Have Garnered Appreciation on Multiple Platforms, Thus Increasing the Scope of Productivity and Broadening Horizons

News of women progressing within tech has gained more attention than ever before. The importance of women in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) has been growing steadily because of the progressive education delivered in the past 10-15 years.

Apart from the STEM fields, other professional roles have come up in Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), data science, and marketing analytics, enabling women to be a part of some of the most intriguing work environments.

Though there are plenty of CMOs, the list curated below features the top women CMOs.

Leslie Berland, CMO, Twitter

Leslie BerlandLeslie Berland is one of the most well-known personalities on social media with 32K followers. The CMO of the social media platform, Twitter, Leslie’s account includes a diverse feed of workplace ethics and sure-shot marketing tactics with the occasional sprinkle of inspirational quotes.

Emily CulpEmily Culp, CMO, Keds 

Emily Culp is the CMO of Keds, the famous brand of sneakers. She mentors her 900 followers on how to harbor success by using a brand as a tool to empower customers. Her tweets are fun, witty and informative.

Joanna Lord, CMO, ClassPass

Classpass is a fitness network of 10,000 + studios, giving users a wide range of membership packages. Joanna Lord tweets to her 33.4K followers about the growth in marketing, coupled with marketing insights for budding entrepreneurs. She also covers topics, which range across team management, team-leading efforts, designing products and curating experiences.

Julie Woods-MossJulie Woods-Moss, CMO, Tata Communications 

Julie Woods-Moss is the CMO of Tata Communications and has a Twitter follower count of 38.6K. Her Twitter bio states she is “a strategist, change maker, and market maker.” Her feed generally covers topics related to innovation in marketing technology, AI, and IoT.

Karen Walker, CMO, CISCO

Karen WalkerKaren Walker is the CMO of CISCO and her feed includes tweets about CISCO’s technology, the branding of the company and their thought leadership. Following Karen on Twitter means more than just understanding how the tech powerhouse of the company functions — it is also an opportunity to learn about her passion for biotechnology, marketing technology, football and interior design.

Linda BoffLinda Boff, CMO, GE

Linda Boff is the CMO of General Electric Company or GE. She shares interesting insights about GE with her 13K followers. She also includes thoughts on leadership, marketing, innovation, customer engagement, and the overall atmosphere for women in business.

Margaret MolloyMargaret Molloy, CMO, SeigelGale

Margaret Molloy is the CMO of Branding at SeigelGale. She has been featured in the Top 5 CMOs on Twitter and is exceptionally well-known for her strategic take on marketing. With roughly 31K followers, she is a fierce advocate for women in the tech business. She is focused on marketing technology, artificial intelligence, and in-depth insights.

Maria WinansMaria Winans, CMO, IBM

Maria Winans is the CMO of IBM Watson Customer Engagement. She has 22.2K followers and is primarily known for her will to purely engage customers on social media. Most of her feed is branded content, but she also supplies a steady dose of educational and leadership quotes and thoughts.

Monika Schulze, CMO, Zurich Insurance Group

Monika SchulzeMonika Schulze is the CMO of the Zurich Insurance Group. She delivers great insights into truly understanding the complexities involved in building a profitable yet positive business. Monika tweets about technology, which is applied to various fields such as marketing, artificial intelligence, IoT, and marketing strategy. She also has a knack of disguising serious wisdom with a healthy dose of creative flair.

Lorraine TwohillLorraine Twohill, CMO, Google

Lorraine Twohill is the CMO of Google and has a Twitter follower count of about 8K. Most of Lorraine’s tweets are about the tech giant and its developments all around the globe. She also posts exciting news about Google’s latest happenings, upcoming events, and inspirational thoughts.

Ann Lewnes, CMO, Adobe

Ann Lewnes is the EVP and CMO of Adobe. She has about 13.4K followers and generally tweets about marketing insights and media. Ann also has an avid interest in design, movies, and music. Her Twitter feed is comprised of eye-catching marketing campaigns, the journey of Adobe, and innovative brand experiences.

Roxanne TaylorRoxanne Taylor, CMO, Accenture

Roxanne Taylor is the CMO of Accenture. A strategic thinker, she tweets about the current marketing landscape, the work environment at Accenture, the major developments in tech, and insights on building brand experiences along with engaging customers.

Tech may have always been a male-dominant sphere but today, there’s a palpable rise in women entering both IT and non-IT job roles.  The gender imbalance is slowly reducing with women crossing boundaries that were once restricted.


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