Why You Should Keep an Eye on Marketing Reporting Platforms in 2019

Babak Hedayati

TapClicks CEO and Co-Founder Speaks at Length About the Company’s Latest Funding Round, Product Roadmap for the Future and the Use of AI And Machine Learning in Marketing Reporting Platform

Data visualization and marketing reporting tools go hand-in-hand. Every marketer wants to look at data and toll up every campaign information in a single dashboard. Customized marketing reporting powered by data science and AI/ML helps create impactful reports and save a huge amount of time, money and effort. Backed by a recent $10 million funding, TapClicks is on the verge of delivering an even more powerful Marketing Reporting dashboard and Marketing Intelligence platform in the coming months.

To know more about the product roadmap and insights into AI/ML creating more opportunities in the CRM space, we sat down with the MarTech company’s CEO and co-founder, Babak Hedayati.

A Unified Marketing Reporting Platform Enables Companies to Spend Less and Get More Done While Focusing on Core Competencies

I am the co-founder, CEO and the Chairman of TapClicks. TapClicks serves media companies, digital marketing agencies, and brands with smart solutions for data and operations management resulting in high-performance results. The scalable data ingestion, reporting, analytics, workflow solution is on a unified platform that enables companies to spend less and gets more done while focusing on core competencies.

We are differentiated from other point tools or stitched together solutions by delivering scalable, easy to use and deploy solutions with a unified UI/UX. TapClicks’ solution is a case where the whole product delivers value far beyond the sum of its parts.

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Major Contributing Factors That Attributed to the Securing of TapClicks’ Latest Funding Round

The contributing factors start with a large satisfied customer base that continues to use our products as well as the newest functionality we offer. The business is real, not hype, and is growing rapidly. Add to this a world-class team with the most seasoned talent in the industry and you get a company like TapClicks that many investors want to be a part of.

CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Oracle started with sales and customer service and then expanded to email automation and marketing BI through acquisitions (e.g. Datorama and Eloqua).

We’ve found success by disrupting the marketplace, providing 180 pre-connected marketing sources and a unified, scalable marketing intelligence and workflow platform. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in investor interest in MarTech, as exemplified by Salesforce’s $850 million acquisition of Datorama (CRM) and Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo.

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Concrete Plans Shaping Up to Further Build on the Reputation as Powerful Automated Reports and Visualizations Platform

TapClicks will enhance its powerful automated reporting and visualization platform with AI and machine learning-based insights and intelligence that users can then act on using our Orders and Workflow features. Specifically, we plan to enhance doing these —

(a) Forecasting, i.e. enabling agencies to accurately forecast performance uplifts and optimized pricing for different client segments;

(b) Agency Benchmarking, i.e. helping agencies understand how their vertical and channel practices benchmark against other agencies;

(c) Attribution, i.e. analyzing cross-channel leads (e.g. website, social, phone) and performing ROI analysis for each channel and an incremental effect of each campaign;

(d) Recommendation Engine, i.e. recommending more efficient channels (e.g. for single client across multiple channels) and improved strategies from an agency’s other clients in the same industry segment; and

(d) Optimization Engine, i.e. auto-optimizing the channel mix for a particular client based on the best channel mix for their industry, and auto-optimizing campaigns within a single channel (keywords, placement, timing, targeting).

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The Role of AI/ML, Analytics and Real-Time Data Visualization Benchmarks at TapClicks

Our platform has a strong AI/ML foundation with our Smart Connector, which that unifies data across any marketing, advertising, CRM or agency/publisher system, Smart Scoring, which enables auto scoring of campaigns based on performance and Smart Alerts, which help campaign managers optimize campaigns.

We have instant-on API-based near-real-time data unification and a visually-compelling analytics platform that enables agencies to impress clients. We also deliver the deepest and broadest set of marketing KPIs in the industry with access to 200+ instant-on data sources and 30,000+ metrics.

The Benefits of CRM Solutions That Integrate with Other Leading Marketing Technology Platforms

There is innate value in the integration between CRM solutions and marketing technology platforms, in terms of an end-to-end process of connecting prospects (or future customers) through their life-cycle to converted customers and passionate advocates.

CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Oracle started with sales and customer service and then expanded to email automation and marketing BI through acquisitions (e.g. Datorama and Eloqua).

At the same time, marketing technology platforms such as HubSpot started with marketing automation technology have expanded into the CRM space.

TapClicks is unique. We provide a unified marketing platform across 180+ channel sources, including (but not limited to) Email Automation, Paid Advertising, Search, Display, Programmatic, Social, Video and Call Tracking, among others.

Predictions on the State of Marketing Reporting and Intelligence Dashboards in 2018-2022

Considering the scalability, ease of use, broad adoption, and world-class capabilities of TapClicks’ solution, we expect that 80 percent of the companies with real marketing reporting needs will be using TapClicks.

Intelligent dashboards are a refined marketing challenge.

We expect to see similar results with regards to Marketing intelligence solutions for media and digital agencies with other leaders such as Tableau, Google, and Salesforce achieving deeper penetration while brands with TapClicks take a good portion of the mid-range market.

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Thank you, Babak, for sharing your funding story with our readers!