Salesforce-Datorama Deal Brings High-Octane Business Opportunities for MarTech Customers

Datorama Is Joining the Salesforce Family!

From today, Sales and Marketing won’t be what it used to be. The cork is off the marketing cloud champagne with the most prolific news of the quarter. The Salesforce-Datorama deal. Salesforce is all set to raise the bar in the CRM and marketing analytics industry with its latest announcement. The #1 CRM company in the world, and the top places to work in the US has officially announced about acquiring another high-performing marketing intelligence platform, Datorama. The Israeli cloud-based AI marketing platform would put puts Salesforce customers in control to connect their marketing data, report across channels and campaigns, and surface the right insights instantly.

With the latest acquisition, Salesforce is ramping up its competition with established analytics players in the market – Adobe and Oracle, both known for their high-end analytics and marketing insights for omnichannel campaigns.

After covering the recent Salesforce-Mulesoft deal, we could witness high-octane moments in martech with Datoram’s entry into the Salesforce stable –

AI will now be a Standard Product Offered with MAs and DMPs

Yes, the moment is ripe for marketing teams to get accustomed to seeing AI playing it within Marketing Automation (MA), CRM and DMPs. By bringing Datorama into its already-powerful Salesforce Einstein stack, we expect to see Datorama bolstering data analytics and real-time insights for sales, marketing, and commerce.

Today, the Salesforce-Datorama deal proves that customer experience is taking over marketing strategies. Data integration remains the biggest challenge to deliver a cohesive customer journey. Datorama would power Salesforce customers with even better data and insights that could directly integrate with the Marketing Cloud.

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The Death of Traditional CRMs; Hard Times for Cloud-based CRM Ahead

Sad, but true! Traditional CRMs that do nothing more than managing your interaction with current and potential customers would eventually diminish. Even those technology platforms that are trying to woo the customers with their “new-age” assured customer experiences would see a hard competition from Salesforce-Datorama combination. The era of repackaging and rebranding is finally over!

A decade ago, cloud-based CRMs were magical; today, they are falling apart for the lack of clarity and analytics, especially with the phenomenal growth of Mobile Commerce (m-commerce). We are hoping to see Trailblazers getting a deeper engagement into myEinstein platform services, with more predictive apps to solve specific business challenges.

Is Programmatic Advertising Coming to Marketing Automation too!

We expect to see modern marketing teams fully leveraging AI with programmatic capabilities. While AI is a trending technology, programmatic advertising is a full-blown revenue maximize (for most, it’s an optimizer).


via Datorama

Datorama has a solid history of linking programmatic advertising capabilities with baseline marketing intelligence offering. With Datorama acquisition, Salesforce can compete with Oracle and Adobe on a level-playing field where reporting, pacing, and analytics-generation all get a unified window to perform in the programmatic advertising market.

Also, we expect to see the gap between online and offline data diminishing with Datorama-Salesforce analytics in campaign management. Datorama already offers offline synergy models to report audience reach from offline source and unified social and search data across web-traffic and sales.

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Salesforce— an Amiable Partner in Your Digital Transformation Journey

We expect to see Salesforce playing a much bigger role in turning customers into digital powerhouses with better CRM, marketing automation, analytics, AI-powered personalization, and commerce engagements. Datorama, with over 3000 customers in their clientele and 400+ employees, add more power to Salesforce’s ambition to fuel digital customer journeys that matter everywhere.

Thanks to the Salesforce-Mulesoft deal, customers are already better positioned to leverage SAP integrations for CRM applications. Though, we did say that traditional CRMs would die out; their reincarnation powered by APIs and SAP-Salesforce integration would be entirely hoisted on how Datorama fits into the challenging B2B-IT space.

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