Oracle Marketing Cloud Adds Infinity and Audience CX to Enable Pinpoint Targeting

Adding Infinity Analytics and CX Audience to Oracle Marketing Cloud Boosts Big Data Analytics and Helps Customers Better Pinpoint Their Audiences

To help organizations rethink how data is applied across the entire customer lifecycle, Oracle is completely transforming existing approaches to customer data analytics and audience segmentation. With the launch of Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience, the Oracle Marketing Cloud now enables marketers to build deeper, more profitable customer relationships by eliminating data silos and providing real-time insights into rich behavioral data.

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The latest tech update from Oracle comes from the same stage where they announced the Oracle Loyalty Cloud to retain best customers.

Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience Put Very Rich and Timely Behavioral Data in Motion

Shashi Seth
Shashi Seth

At the time of this announcement at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2018, Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President, Oracle Marketing Cloud, said, “Existing data analytics solutions are incredibly limited as they trap information and prevent it from being used to improve marketing ROI or inform the customer experience.”

Shashi added, “To unleash this data requires a completely new approach to customer data analytics and that’s exactly what we are introducing with Oracle Infinity and Oracle CX Audience. With these innovative new solutions, we are putting very rich and timely behavioral data in motion in order to help organizations deliver a customer experience that is highly relevant and contextual.”

Oracle Marketing Cloud Brings Unified Behavioral Data with Enhanced Marketing Automation Performance

Every organization knows it needs to use data to enhance the customer experience, but existing approaches fail to provide the timely and reliable insights required to meet increasing customer expectations.

For example, traditional web analytics tools do not provide real-time actionable insights that today’s marketers require, while point solutions trap data in silos, which leads to inconsistent, irrelevant and disconnected experiences that damage brand loyalty and negatively impact revenue.

To address these challenges, the latest data innovations within the Oracle Marketing Cloud empower marketers with timely, reliable and predictive data analytics at scale.

Oracle Infinity

Oracle Infinity eliminates the challenges associated with traditional web analytics solutions by providing accurate, timely intelligence that enables marketers to optimize customer engagement across channels. Oracle Infinity enables marketers to —

Unify Behavioral Data

Oracle Infinity enables marketers to achieve a sophisticated, customer-centric view of digital interactions by unifying behavioral data within the marketing organization and across any other digital touchpoint.

Develop and Distribute Actionable Insights to the Broader Business User Community

Built-in integrations and customizable APIs make it easier for marketers to develop and distribute actionable customer insights to the broader business user community.

Enhance Performance of Marketing Automation Systems

Real-time “actionability” influences successful outcomes by activating remarketing actions based upon any combination of visitor behaviors performed in real time.

Manage Increasingly Large and Complex Enterprise Data Sets

Unlimited scale, flexibility, and data accessibility enable powerful reporting and analytics that gives marketers quick and easy access to rich behavioral data.

Gerry Murray
Gerry Murray

At the time of this announcement, Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC, said, “One of the challenges for the modern marketer is getting their data and analytics processes to move as fast as their customers do. To do that at scale, marketers need a data streaming infrastructure that works across touch points and closes the gap between reporting and action.”

Gerry added, “Oracle Infinity connects customer interactions across channels in real time so marketers can drive conversions and revenue through the personalized web and digital experiences. It also has the potential to connect interactions in other customer-facing functions such as sales, service, and loyalty which is the key to true customer experience management.”

Oracle CX Audience

Oracle CX Audience eliminates the challenges of capturing and analyzing data at scale by providing an innovative audience segmentation and analytics solution that enables marketers to —

Centralize, Manage and Enrich Customer Data

An open, flexible, cloud platform empowers marketers to operate with less involvement with IT while providing increased flexibility for data ingestion and audience publication. In addition, pre-integration with Oracle Data Cloud, the world’s largest third-party data marketplace, enables marketers to seamlessly enrich first-party data to gain additional insights.

Easily Create and Publish Audience Segments at Scale

Non-technical audience design tools and re-usable filters enable marketers to spend less time writing queries and more time engaging customers. Additionally, Oracle CX Audience platform runs on Oracle best-of-breed infrastructure allowing marketers to perform heavy segmentation and analysis in seconds/minutes instead of hours.

Analyze Segment Performance and Discover New Opportunities

Fully integrated analytics enable marketers to analyze the aggregated past performance in order to predict future results and discover sub-segments that could provide additional opportunities. In addition, Oracle CX Audience continuously tracks audience and campaign level performance to help marketers evaluate success and define future goals.


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