New Predictive Analytics for Inbound and Outbound Leads Combine with Deep Account Insights to Revolutionize Group Sales for Hotels

Knowland Releases New Technology That Optimizes Sales Efficiency by Automatically Identifying a Property’s Best Opportunities and Cutting Through eRFP Spam

Knowland, the industry leader in market intelligence for hotels, venues, and CVBs, announced a major update to its Insight Elite platform. New built-in predictive technology analyzes all inbound leads, including electronic RFPs, to determine if they are a good fit for a specific property, enabling sales teams to prioritize the leads that are most likely to result in bottomline revenue.  Additionally, the product provides deep account intelligence that can be leveraged to craft customized proposals based on a buyer’s previous booking behaviors, improving the likelihood that a property will win the deal.

Insight Elite captures detailed information for each inbound lead and then analyzes those details against a vast index of historical booking patterns to automatically score the opportunity and determine the probability that a particular property will be a true contender for the deal.  The resulting scores for each inbound lead are presented alongside augmented account and contact details and previous booking data, enabling group sales teams to significantly reduce the time required to triage and research inbound leads, while ensuring that they are always prioritizing the leads that are most likely to close.

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The new inbound lead analysis capabilities complement intelligent prospecting features released by Knowland last October.  Using similar predictive algorithms, Insight Elite proactively searches the industry’s most comprehensive database of actualized events for new opportunities that offer a strong match with a property’s attributes and need periods. Sales teams receive a steady flow of new, pre-qualified group business leads to optimize their outbound prospecting efforts and increase conversion rates.

Tim Hart
Tim Hart

“Our mission is to help our customers maximize their group revenue and to ensure that they successfully achieve their revenue goals faster and more reliably.  To accomplish that, they have to find the right business and win the right business,” said Tim Hart, CEO of Knowland.  “Offering the most powerful feature set to date, the latest release of Insight Elite is a real game changer for organizations looking to improve ROI and efficiency across the entire spectrum of sales activities, both inbound and outbound. Our customers are able to sell smarter, which lowers their customer acquisition costs and improves overall outcomes.”

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