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Heartbeat Reaches 250,000 Real Women Influencers

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Innovator in Influencer Marketing, Heartbeat, Celebrates Milestone in Brand Ambassadors and Gives Authentic Voice to a Generation

Heartbeat, a social marketing and ambassador platform, has now exceeded a remarkable 250,000 micro-influencers with less than two years in the space. The platform empowers real women to get paid for sharing products on Instagram while enabling brands to connect with a captive and intimate audience. Through daily marketing initiatives and micro-influencer campaigns that focus on authenticity and engagement rather than follower count, Heartbeat is changing the face of influencer marketing… and it’s no longer airbrushed.

In addition to reaching more than a quarter million ambassadors, Heartbeat has already received over 4,000,000 survey data points, averaging 30,000 responses per day! These surveys cover everything from music preferences to dream vacations and provide participating brands with notable correlations based on responses. Heartbeat is actively paving new roads to reach millennial and Gen Z consumers and breathing fresh air into social media advertising. In a world where influencer marketing powers public perception, Heartbeat gives real people the chance to promote brands they believe in and, as the numbers show, it’s working.

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“After reviewing more than a dozen of Heartbeat’s campaigns, we have found that they deliver engagement rates more than fifty percent higher than the industry average,” said Sean Spielberg, Co-founder of Points North Group. “By opting for authentic ambassadors with highly-engaged audiences, Heartbeat delivers excellent results to their clients.”

Heartbeat has long recognized authenticity as a key factor in social influence. After launching the ambassador program in 2016, Brian Freeman, CEO and founder of Heartbeat, quickly realized genuine influence within close social circles to be a unique and effective opportunity for brands with limited budgets.

“We’ve made it really simple and inexpensive for business owners,” he said. “Influencer marketing has generally been reserved for major brands with huge budgets, but we made something small business clients can join themselves. By tapping into a base of female college students, a highly sought-after demographic, we give businesses the opportunity to pick the type of audience they want to target and the type of campaign they want to create.”

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The platform uses machine learning as an “Authenticity Engine” to look at more than one hundred different factors of an ambassador’s Instagram account to determine their pay rate, favoring friends and family followers over the audience typically generated by a social influencer. The prevalence of fake followers has become a major issue for average influencer campaigns and Heartbeat’s unique algorithm combats this problem head-on to deliver the best results for clients.

“Heartbeat’s flexible programs have been vital to our brand building- targeting the right micro-influencers for the right product, at exactly the right time,” said Heartbeat client Nikola Cline of INK Original.

Ambassadors on Heartbeat are based across the country and typically have between 300 and 5,000 followers, but the most important factor is engagement. Real followers, likes and comments are weighed heavily and ambassadors meeting these criteria are more likely to be selected for paid campaigns. Ambassadors are paid either a flat rate for each campaign they are accepted for or receive a free product or service in exchange for their post.

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