Intema Solution Inc to Integrate Blockchain to its Predictive Marketing Products

The First Project Will Be A Coupon Solution That Incorporates This Blockchain Solution into eFlyerMaker, Intema’s Email Marketing Application

Intema Solutions Inc announced that it will launch a project to develop a Blockchain set of applications using its Artificial Intelligence and predictive marketing products. This will strengthen the company’s position in the marketing industry and open new avenues in complementary business lines.

The first project will be a coupon solution that incorporates this Blockchain solution into eFlyerMaker, Intema’s email marketing application. This Blockchain based platform will allow consumers to use a single coupon to redeem and exchange promotional discount from any participating brand both online and offline. This represents an evolutionary change to secure the way coupons are being used, distributed and redeemed in Canada.

By launching a cryptocoupon, Intema is attempting to transform the current coupon landscape into a crypto currency-based coupon system. This will create an open coupon ecosystem to give brands security and unprecedented freedom to consumers to redeem the coupon.

Intema’s cryptocoupon will be the official virtual coupons of the new system.

The power of the Blockchain provides a type of coupon security that has previously not been seen in the marketing world and has the power to disrupt the coupon industry. This includes personalized promotions, an area in which Intema has always supported clients with the email marketing platform eFlyerMaker and the Artificial Intelligence tool MatcherAnalytics. In addition, the company intends to completely integrate the Blockchain based cryptocoupon solution into eFlyerMaker. Such a system will make Intema the first company to enable zero copy and fraud of coupons, a huge concern for brands.

Sebastien Plourde
Sebastien Plourde

“Adding a Blockchain solution to our software portfolio will change the future our products because it opens new avenues to brands,” said Sebastien Plourde, CEO of eFlyerMaker and vice-president of Intema.

INTEMA’s mission is to integrate technologies to marketing. The company develops technologies for marketing and services related to predictive marketing, relationship marketing and database marketing. Since its inception, INTEMA has dedicated its efforts to deliver key solutions to the marketing industry.

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