Adobe Acquires Sayspring to Bring Voice-Based Digital Experience to Life

Sayspring Joins Adobe, Will Work Towards Achieving Adobe's Vision

Sayspring’Pricing Plans Will See a Major Overhaul, Will Release New Updates in the Future

Adobe is all set to enhance its voice-based technology with Sayspring. The New York-based, year-old startup allows creators to design voice applications without coding. This will prove beneficial for Adobe’s future plans.

Adobe Acquires Sayspring to Bring Voice-Based Digital Experience to Life
Abhay Parasnis

“We have been actively experimenting with voice interfaces across our product offerings over the past few years, and we’re excited to take the next step forward with the acquisition of Sayspring, Inc.,” said Abhay Parasnis, executive vice president and CTO, Adobe.

Post-acquisition, the full Sayspring team joined Adobe on April 17 and began integrating the voice technology into Adobe’s product portfolio.

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Without revealing what Adobe plans for voice-based solutions, Parasnis added, “The way we interact with our devices is at a significant inflection point. We’re moving beyond the keyboard and mouse and even our touch screens to using something that is even more natural — our voice — to interact with technology. Voice tech is growing fast, and we strongly believe it must become an integral part of Adobe’s portfolio moving forward. We’re excited to welcome Sayspring to Adobe, and we’re looking forward to putting the technology to work to empower more people to create next-generation voice experiences.”

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Adobe Acquires Sayspring to Bring Voice-Based Digital Experience to Life
Mark Webster

Sayspring Founder CEO Mark Webster, in his blog post on the company’s website, wrote, “The popularity of voice assistants and smart speakers continues to grow. Already, about half of U.S. adults use voice assistants and voice will be a part of every digital interaction within a few years. Now, as part of Adobe, Sayspring will be able to continue pursuing our mission at the scale required for the growing and fast-moving voice ecosystem.”

Webster added that Sayspring is also dropping all its paid services and instead will be available for free for everyone with a Sayspring account. But new Sayspring users will now need an invite to create an account to use the service.
However, Webster added that Sayspring will be discontinuing Voicegram and Audio converter to focus solely on the growth and development of their voice-based digital technology under Adobe’s wing.

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