Zdaly Closes Funding to Revolutionize Data Usage in Enterprise Decisions

Backing from s3 Ventures and Moneta Ventures Enables Team Expansion and Supports Increased Customer Demand

Zdaly, a Big Data and AI startup, announced that it has raised a round of financing from leading venture capital firms S3 Ventures and Moneta Ventures to expand the team and support customer demand. Zdaly plans to relocate their headquarters from Houston to Austin to take advantage of Austin’s startup and big data talent pool.

“Leveraging Big Data and AI technologies we have developed a powerful solution to enable businesses to make decisions one hundred times better and faster” said Rajdeep Golecha, Zdaly’s founder and CEO. “While leading an analytics group at a large enterprise I realized that a solution was necessary to manage the exponentially growing unstructured data, and to exploit it for improved decision making.”

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Zdaly offers an integrated solution that automates the process of gathering, cleansing, mapping, searching, and analyzing disparate silos of unstructured data. Organizations can apply Zdaly’s toolset to their internal data and take advantage of Zdaly’s World Data, a comprehensive set of pre-curated external data from thousands of governmental, non-government, newspaper, social, and other unstructured sources. With Zdaly, businesses eliminate the need to manually collect and process data and are empowered with a predictive analytics toolset that allows them to focus on unlocking the data-driven insights and drive positive business results.

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“Enterprises are deluged with data, but struggle to use data effectively. We look forward to partnering with Zdaly as they help businesses make better decisions. We have been impressed by the value Zdaly has provided to a marquee list of enterprise customers,” said Aaron Perman, VP at S3 Ventures. Zdaly’s growing customer list includes Fortune 500 companies in Energy, Consulting, and Financial Services.

With Zdaly’s software, organizations achieve breakthrough solutions to their business problems; for example, a site optimizer for retail outlets based on internal sales transactions, weather, demographics and traffic patterns. “Zdaly enables businesses to derive insights from data faster, more accurately, and for a fraction of their existing costs. By using Zdaly’s data-driven insights to make better multi-million and multi-billion dollar business decisions, Zdaly’s customers are unlocking a tremendous amount of value from data,” said Aasim Hasan, Partner at Moneta Ventures.

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