Versa-Bands Offers Incredibly Strong, Flexible and Customizable Advertising Solution for Companies and Organizations

Versa-Bands recently released their line of military-grade polymer bands, intended as a top performing advertising specialty product to help companies and organizations promote in a more visible way. Available in three sizes — four-inch, seven-inch and 10-inch — the durable bands are designed for use in nearly any situation which might normally call for a strong and secure rubber band or cord.

Versa-Bands are intended to replace other advertising products that look stylish or fun but wind up being thrown away or forgotten in the bottom of a drawer. Because Versa-Bands are so versatile and useful — at home, work or at play — the company brands and logos prominently displayed upon them are visible for longer periods of time. This increases the duration of brand awareness, securing it for years rather than hours or days.

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Each of the different sizes allow for different functions. The four-inch band can be used around the home or office in all the ways a heavy rubber band might be used: for drinking vessels, closing small bags of chips or snacks, holding pencils and pens, securing cabinet doors, etc. The seven-inch Versa-Bands are a perfect choice to stretch across laptops, tablets and computers to give quick and easy access to reference notes, to-do lists and shortcut or hot-key reminders.

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And finally, the 10-inch bands are tough enough to last more than a decade and are intended for larger jobs. Because they stretch over 48 inches, these big bands are good solutions for securing sleeping bags, camping and hunting equipment, gear wraps, large open bags of cleaning supplies and closing pet food bags. Musicians also love them as a travel companion. The bands are a great way to ensure guitars and other musical instruments are secure during transport.

“Versa-Bands are available in any color, are fully customizable and can be printed with any logo or message up to 500 characters. There are literally thousands of ways you can use them; and since they’re being used, they’re being seen. Which virtually guarantees brand awareness for your company, for a long time. All that from a simple, affordable product,” said inventor Jim Jobin.

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