Digimind Empowers the Age of Collective Intelligence with Launch of Digimind Marketplace

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Digimind Clients Can Benefit from More Than 25 Partners’ Out-Of-The-Box Integrations Including Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, Jive, Factiva, Tableau Software

Digimind, the global leader in social listening and market intelligence announces the launch of Digimind Marketplace, its online ecosystem where Digimind clients can take advantage of partners’ integrations. These integrations can help them enrich their information sets, share intelligence across enterprise functions, and take insights-based actions directly from their existing work environments.

Today, brands and companies that want to keep their competitive advantage need to turn to collective intelligence. By harnessing informational data with Digimind Intelligence, conversational trends with Digimind Social, and historical content with Digimind Historical Search, Digimind’s clients can activate this collective intelligence with a seamless user experience.

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Yet the online sourcing of information also comes in as multifaceted, and the options to share information and take actions within the enterprise being diverse, Digimind also relies on an ecosystem of partners’ integrations as an extension to its own offering.

  • Enrich the information set of sources:

Companies who want to get a full understanding of their business environment can rely on additional sets of sources, from media aggregators (Factiva, Kantar, AEF…), scientific databases (Scopus, Science Direct…), industry sources (insurance, construction, pharma…). They can even tap into deep/dark web sources (Aleph Networks) to identify counterfeiting of their products or illegal activity in their market.

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  • Share intelligence across the enterprise:

Besides the classic newsletter distribution, today’s business users are expecting to consume information directly from collaborative environments, like enterprise social platforms (Jive, Microsoft Yammer…) or business intelligence dashboards (Microsoft SharePoint, Tableau, Google Data Studio). In addition to easy access to the information, users of collaborative platforms are able to give feedback on the deliverables, which in turn improves content quality and value over time.

  • Take insights-based actions from within the existing work environment:

While finding new insights is key, turning them into actions is critical for businesses. For that matter, being able to trigger actions directly from within the existing work environment doesn’t require any additional training for end-users. CRM users (Salesforce, HubSpot) can get deeper knowledge of their accounts and act upon conversational trends to generate leads, while customer support can spot issues related to their products or service and open tickets with Zendesk.

“For the past 20 years, Digimind has consistently strived to provide an open, unified collaborative experience to our clients. The launch of Digimind Marketplace is a step further to value innovation we bring with existing partners, as well as engaging new partners to join us in enhancing the collective intelligence journey.” said Paul Vivant, CEO of Digimind.

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