Leadspace Launches “Leadspace for Salesforce”, Making Leading B2B Customer Data Platform Available Natively in Salesforce

Leadspace for Salesforce Makes Sales Engagement Simpler and More Effective; Pilot Customers Double Target Account and Audience Coverage, and Improve Data Accuracy by More Than 30%

Leadspace announced the launch of Leadspace for Salesforce, a new product to help businesses find and convert their ideal customers.

Leadspace for Salesforce is a key component of Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP). Leadspace’s CDP unifies and optimizes Sales and Marketing data to enable highly accurate, personalized messaging and offerings at the right time, across all Sales and Marketing channels.

Enables More Effective Sales Engagement, and a Single, Unified View of Customers and Prospects

Leadspace for Salesforce lets B2B Sales and Marketing actualize the full potential of their CRMs, and helps solve two of Sales’ most pressing needs by arming them with on-demand insights into who their ideal customers are, where they are, and when and how to convert them:

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  • Efficient and precise sales operations: from territory planning, to lead routing, to site-level mapping.
  • Effective customer outreach and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and bigger deals.

David Raab, Founder of the CDP Institute, outlined the importance of Customer Data Platforms to modern B2B Sales and Marketing:

“Today’s sales and marketing departments have many systems that are each valuable alone but work best when they share their data. Delivering the targeted, personalized, consistent treatments that today’s buyers expect is impossible without a unified customer view. CDPs like Leadspace are a critical tool in delivering this view in a timely and cost-effective fashion.”

Provides ABM Dashboard Natively in Salesforce, Based on Leadspace’s Leading Customer Data Platform — Including Account & Persona Fit, Intent and Scoring

Leadspace for Salesforce combines Leadspace’s unparalleled B2B data coverage with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) modeling and intent signals, directly into Sales’ existing systems. Leadspace customers who tested the new product doubled their people coverage globally, and increased accuracy for firmographic, demographic and technographic signals by over 30% – while decreasing their data spend by over 50%.

“While CRMs remain a staple of Sales teams, they’re increasingly taking on a wider, more strategic role across B2B organizations as well,” says Jon Jagelsky, Manager of Marketing Operations at Sovos. “CRMs and the data they hold are the fuel to the engine that is Sales and Marketing. Clean data leads to actionable insights, smarter marketers and a more efficient sales team.”

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“With Leadspace for Salesforce we’re able to improve our customer and prospect data in real-time, ensuring that Sales and Marketing are working with the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable information. Now we’re confident we’re targeting the right prospects with the right offerings, throughout the Sales funnel,” Jagelsky added.

“Sales teams live in their CRM, so for any Customer Data Platform to be effective, it needs to be available natively, not as yet another platform to juggle,” explained Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher. “By providing on-demand access to fit, intent and scoring at the point of execution, Leadspace for Salesforce removes one of B2B Sales’ biggest barriers to driving better results through ABM and prospecting.”

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