ItaQuod Launches The World’s First And Only Structured CRM Platform

ItaQuod Helps Team Members Capture, Consume and Collaborate on Information in up to 80% Less Time

ItaQuod, the world’s first and only Structured CRM platform for easily capturing, consuming and collaborating on information, announced that it has released its revolutionary solution that — unlike traditional, legacy CRM — provides an embedded data structure for both demographic and learned information that crystallizes WHAT information to capture, provides guidance on HOW to capture it and clarity for WHERE to put it. The net result is complete, consistently stored useful information captured by all users.

“Every organization is different, as are the roles of team members within each organization. Some set strategy, others align the organization, own lead generation and messaging, build product or service offerings, close business or support current customers,” said Bill Vergantino, CEO, ItaQuod. “However, what is consistent is that for an organization to be successful, each role within the business needs to do its part to help drive revenue – directly or indirectly. To do that, all of these roles require compelling information related to what is being ‘learned’ during interactions within sales cycles. ItaQuod has been built with that awareness in mind.”

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ItaQuod is capable of aligning all resources within the organization to efficiently and effectively acquire new customers, retain existing customers, and learn where and why customers are being won and lost. The platform was created to offer an innovative CRM solution that fundamentally changes how organizations empower sales to close business, and how the rest of the organization learns what is needed in order to be more successful at acquiring customers in the future.

The Problem – Traditional CRM 

Traditional CRM has not changed in over 25 years, and as a result, the intended purpose for using CRM or the benefits that should or could be realized, are either lost, forgotten or never fully understood. Most users of Traditional CRM find themselves wasting hours entering, finding, or trying to put to use data that is incomplete, inconsistent or not useful.

An investment in CRM should not be a glorified contact management system for sales, instead it should be an organizational solution that enable sales, sales management and everyone outside of sales, to efficiently capture, find and use the information needed to ACQUIRE and RETAIN customers today, and LEARN what change is needed to more effectively acquire and retain customers in the future.

The Solution – “Structured CRM” 

The next generation of CRM — ItaQuod’s Structured CRM — is a simple but powerful solution for organizational selling, helping companies provide clarity on:

  • WHAT information to capture when working a lead or opportunity
  • HOW to easily and intuitively capture the information
  • WHERE to store the information for easy retrieval

“Just like a body needs a skeleton to provide structure enabling it to propel itself forward, so does an organization’s CRM require structure,” added Vergantino. “This is ItaQuod – the right data, in the right place – easily captured, consumed and collaborated on.”

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Leveraging its innovative Data Structure, ItaQuod has twelve Structure Aware SPEED Features, saving users up to 80% of the time it takes to capture, consume and collaborate on information in a way that all team members can be most effective using information to support their unique role.

Industry Accolades 

Prior to its launch, ItaQuod quickly established itself among industry analysts, seasoned sales and marketing consulting partners and pilot customers alike as a leading CRM platform, garnering the praise of multiple industry stakeholders.

Leading CRM analyst and thought leader, Rich Bohn of said, “I was delighted when I discovered ItaQuod – this is truly an innovative solution! Companies have long needed a structured, consolidated, interactive, trusted communication platform for engaging members/customers – after 20 years of little innovation in the CRM market, ItaQuod finally delivers on the promise with this platform.”

In addition, Ventana Research, one of the leading industry research firms in enterprise software and CEO and chief research officer, Mark Smith, one of the top ten most influential industry analysts has written a white paper identifying the struggles associated to traditional CRM software implementations and the merits of considering “Structured CRM” software.

”Any effective strategy for CRM should provide structure to support the operational efficiency of customer and sales related processes. If an organization hasn’t examined its strategy in the last several years, it should determine if its current approach is fulfilling the purpose of CRM, which is to support effective sales and ensure a superior customer experience. With the right approach, longstanding issues such as not having the right data when needed or an inability to use disparate information to improve sales effectiveness should be a thing of the past.”

“Wow, I am really impressed. You can’t see me but I’m smiling ear to ear. You clearly understand the nuances of what goes on and is needed related to sales teams. ItaQuod has taken the human intervention aspects of selling, both internal and external, and processtized it within the software.”

Steve Burrows – Sr. Director of Sales Operations, Solarflare Communications
(23+ years of sales & marketing leadership experience)

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“ItaQuod embeds sales best practices directly within the CRM software which enables key concepts to be reinforced and mastered within the selling process each time a salesperson logs into the system.”

Michael Nolan – Principal, Ascend | Sales Xceleration
(30 years Sales Leadership Experience)

“ItaQuod solves the age-old ADOPTION problem of CRM. People need a good reason in order to use a CRM or make a change from their current CRM, ItaQuod offers those reasons in the value it brings to each role.”

Jeff Fiedler – Managing Director, Core Competence Solutions
(30+ Years of Sales Leadership & Best Practice Training & Consulting experience)

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