Salesforce Strengthens with Fastbase Integration to Create the Best Lead Generation Solution for Businesses

Over 150,000 companies using Salesforce now have access to the most powerful lead generation tool available on the market, powered by Fastbase. With its popular web analysis software, Fastbase is one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world in the field of web analytics and lead generation. The integration will help users to seamlessly integrate their lead generation activities with their existing Salesforce CRM.

“With the new Salesforce API, we continue our mission of positioning Fastbase as the absolute strongest platform for finding new leads and identifying new target groups for every industry, anywhere in the world,” says Rasmus Refer, CEO of Fastbase, Inc.

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With its new InMarket Leads software, Fastbase can now tell companies which businesses are searching on Google for their products or services. The software not only discloses information on over 130 million companies that are searching on Google everyday, but also lists the companies that are visiting a business’s website. This information is a powerful alternative or supplement to Google Ads. The new InMarket Leads tool has just been launched in a beta version. All leads can easily be exported into Excel or automatically added into the Salesforce CRM using the API integration.

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