TRAK Data Launches New, On-Demand Marketing Data Platform to Give Marketers Instant Access to High-Performance Audiences

TRAK Platform Empowers Brands to Tap Into a World-Class Marketing Database and Build AI-Driven Lookalike Models in Moments

Today, TRAK Data has announced the launch of its on-demand marketing data platform — TRAK. TRAK is a game-changer for all marketers, no matter their brand size, budget or experience. Instantly, users can log in, tap into a world-class national marketing database and begin designing the perfect target audience for their cross-channel campaigns. TRAK provides a free and easy to use interface where marketers can create a custom lookalike audience in just a few clicks. With flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, TRAK gives brands unmatched access to the data they need – when they need it.

TRAK’s intuitive platform that gives brands of all sizes the exact audience data they need and exactly how they want it — on-demand.”— Jessica Akinwale

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“From movies to rides, we live in an on-demand world. Why shouldn’t marketing data be the same?” states Jessica Akinwale, CEO of TRAK. “For far too long, marketing data and especially custom modeling and analytics, has been reserved for big brands with big budgets. With TRAK, we’re on a mission to change that. We’ve built an intuitive platform that gives brands of all sizes the exact audience data they need and exactly how they want it — on-demand,” adds Akinwale.

Inside TRAK, users can tap into a full suite of data-driven possibilities in a matter of clicks:
– Build High-Performance Audiences – Create predictive lookalike or response models or build audiences using TRAK’s consumer database which includes 1500+ attributes.
– Append Marketing Identifiers – Upload a list and append opt-in email address, IP address and phone number to your records.
– Profile Your Audience – Unlock fresh insights about your audience with a profile report that highlights their key demographics and behaviors.
– Enrich Your File – Append attributes, like age, gender and income, to your audience file for smarter personalized marketing.
– Get Direct-Mail Ready – Execute key data prep processes like list hygiene, standardization and de-deduplication.

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Just like Canva makes amazing graphic design easy and accessible for all, TRAK makes applying data science simple for brands of all sizes. An insurance agent, for example, could upload a list of her current clients, build a predictive model to identify her hottest prospects, and then land in the mailbox of this valuable audience with a direct mail campaign. A local retail shop owner could log in to TRAK, create a list of prospects based on elements like zip code, gender, income, and past purchase behavior, and then email a special new customer coupon offer to this hyper targeted audience. A non-profit could reduce wasted spend in their donor outreach by uploading their past donors list, and receiving a file with duplicates removed, and incorrect addresses or misspellings corrected.

TRAK’s suite of data is so rich, marketers across industries – from insurance to retail to nonprofits to D2C – are able to create incredible target audiences they can then activate across channels like direct mail, email, digital and even CTV.

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