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Vaccinate Your Brand: How Business Can Prepare For Post-Quarantine

Some countries have started weakening lockdown procedures letting businesses gradually get back on the track. Public places are opening; airlines are encouraging people to start planning their vacations since early July; Formula 1 and other sports event organizers announce that races and champions eventually will take place in this season, but still without fans in the bleachers. Apparently, getting back to our previous image of normal, especially in terms of economy, won't happen overnight. Plus, businesses still have a…

Introducing Markpoint DSP, a Point of Hassle-free Media Buying and Growth

Markpoint is happy to announce the launch of Markpoint DSP, a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, native, and video ads across web, mobile, and in-app. The Markpoint DSP aims to help advertisers, demand and supply partners grow their businesses, reach their marketing KPIs, and do that most cost-effectively. Markpoint team brings to the table years of expertise in advertising, marketing, technology, and data, as well as measurable capacities. Marketing Technology News: Why…