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Five Critical Tips for Strategic Planning in the Midst of the Pandemic

With frequent market shifts and an ongoing pandemic, it’s crucial to plan efficiently, effectively, and strategically. Planning this year has been radically different than any other year in my experience. The past few months have been a steep learning curve, but that’s not going to stop my or many other marketing organizations from delivering results. Here are my five critical tips to strategically plan for the unknowable. Tip #1 - Align Marketing’s Strategic Targets With Corporate Goals Driving impact for the business is…

13 Top MarTech CMOs Tips to a Successful New Product Launch

Successfully launching a product is quite an endeavor even under perfect market conditions. Under the harsh economic reality of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a considerable challenge. However, even during the current crisis, there are ways for you to effectively introduce new products to the market. I am a strong advocate of data-driven marketing, having a clear analysis of the target market and consumer is a fundamental aspect for a new product launch. Mapping and analyzing market shifts and trends helps…