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Fireside Chat with James Ontra, Co-Founder at Shufflrr

James Ontra tells how Shufflrr makes the entire Presentation process more efficient for large organization. What is Presentation Management and how does Shufflrr solve for it? Presentation Management is the practice of putting a strategy around the creation, distribution, updating, and publishing of presentations across the entire enterprise. Businesses use presentations everyday as strategic communications that drive action - weather that is to make a sale, offer input, or force a decision - but few organizations…

What is Presentation Management and Why Do You Need It?

PowerPoint is like the phone company, we love to hate it, but need it and use it every day. PowerPoint won as the de facto program for business presentations because it’s easy to use and has a lot of great graphic and animation features that make documents more interesting. Above all, it’s included with MS Office, so everyone has it. If you send someone a PowerPoint deck, there’s a 99.99% chance that they’ll be able to open it. Everybody uses PowerPoint. Ironically, the ubiquity of PowerPoint has created a tangled…