AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ad Tech Provider Reports Q1 2021 Results

AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of advanced outstream video advertising solutions reports Q1 2021 results, surpassing the daily volume of 42 000 000 video ad impressions served in partnership with the company’s publishers.

According to Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro CEO, the company has come a long way since Q1 2020, when virtually no one could forecast such an unprecedented event as the pandemic, and the profound impact it would have on the global online video advertising market.

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“The good news is, our Q1 2021 results once again prove that the worst is definitely in the past. More importantly, we’re back on track with the accelerating growth of video ad serving volumes, so the forecasts for Q2 – Q4 are optimistic,” he claimed.

“And, 90% of respondents of our survey, conducted among the top AdPlayer.Pro partners in April 2021, are also optimistic regarding their business results in 2021, which is great,” he added.

As for the functional upgrades, back in March 2021 AdPlayer.Pro released the brand-new video ad server functionality – “YouTube Demand”, which enables connecting videos from a brand’s YouTube channel as a Demand source for outstream video ad placements on a publisher’s website.

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According to Mr. Liaskovskyi, the introduced functional capabilities have already grown widely-used among the company’s partners on the Buy side.

“Well, I can’t say we’re surprised the “YouTube Demand” feature is becoming somewhat a hit. The fact is, it really unlocks exceptional benefits for brands and agencies, both in terms of the streamlined A/B testing of video ad creatives, and the faster traffic acquisition on their YouTube channels, too,” he explained.

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