Equisoft Announces the Rebranding of All Its Products Under a Unified, Global Architecture

A few months ahead of celebrating its 25th anniversary, global digital solutions provider Equisoft is announcing the rebranding of its product offering tailored to the life insurance and wealth management industries.

“Our mission is to help all stakeholders, from manufacturers to distributors to advisors, leverage technology to offer better customer experiences, reduce friction in their processes, and gain maximum efficiency,” said Equisoft’s founder and CEO Luis Romero. “We have been very successful at fulfilling this mission by continuously investing in building a fully-integrated, end-to-end offering that enables our customers to offer a seamless experience to their end clients,” added Romero.

With seven acquisitions in the insurance and wealth management technology verticals in the last four years, Equisoft has added many innovative products to its home-grown portfolio of solutions, each with its own distinct name. All products can be fully configured, allowing companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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“We’re creating something special and compelling here to support our global expansion plan,” said Jean Sabbagh, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Equisoft.  “Our offering must speak to different industries and audiences, to various cultures and geographic areas, and we want each of our products to be seen as a component of a holistic offering, so it became imperative to align them into an overarching and unified structure in order to maximize our brand equity and streamline our customer communication platform.”

Equisoft’s end-to-end offering includes a comprehensive SaaS policy administration solution, CRM, financial needs analysis, asset allocation, quotes and illustrations, electronic application, agency management systems, as well as customer, agent and broker portals. Under the Equisoft master brand, each product is now clearly identified with a descriptive name to ensure greater clarity of the message: Equisoft/apply, Equisoft/analyze for advisors, Equisoft/analyze for wholesalers, Equisoft/centralize, Equisoft/connect, Equisoft/design, Equisoft/illustrate, Equisoft/manage and Equisoft/plan. More information about Equisoft’s digital solutions can be found here.

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“Although most of our products end up being white-labelled and integrated into our clients’ corporate branding, we want our company and product brand names to be a joint and clear statement for our business-driven approach and unwavering commitment to bring to the market advanced, yet simple and effective products to meet their complex needs,” concluded Luis Romero.

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