Jotform Sign Launches as a New, Automated Player in the e-signature Space

Jotform launches Jotform Sign to simplify the e-signature process, streamline workflows, save time and money, and drastically reduce the time to approval

Jotform, a leading online forms SaaS solution, launched Jotform Sign, an e-signature product with a healthy dose of automation. With Jotform Sign, businesses can effortlessly send out signable documents with less setup time than legacy options, helping them focus on work that matters.

Jotform Sign uses the same technology behind Jotform’s powerful online forms. An alternative to clunky and pricey e-signature software, Jotform Sign provides automation features, advanced field detection, limitless customization options and helpful integrations. 

“Our idea for Jotform Sign came after we noticed that 10% of our users had e-signatures in their forms,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of Jotform. “We wanted to create a better option — one that was automated, elegant, and reliable. We know there are a lot of players in this market, but what makes Jotform Sign different is its automation and exceptional user experience.” 

With Jotform Sign, it’s simple to get started, so businesses of all sizes can get up and running quickly to collect e-signatures and create legally binding documents.

“Jotform Sign is the latest in a long line of automation products that we’ve launched, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with our 17 million global users,” Tank said.

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Jotform Sign makes it easy for organizations to

  • Reduce time spent on manual work with automatic field detection for setup, automated document sharing and the ability to build a document once and send it multiple times
  • Streamline workflows through a single intuitive interface where users can create, share, finalize and approve e-signature documents 
  • Intuitively save and organize signed documents through integrations with popular cloud storage providers
  • Design user-friendly, customizable documents with 600+ ready-to-use templates — built from the most popular document formats used by Jotform users
  • Embrace top-notch security with industry-leading security, compliance and certifications

Jotform Sign is designed for users across a range of industries. It helps real estate agencies reduce paper usage and quickly complete deals, leases and contracts. It allows healthcare providers to effectively manage workflows with a seamless form-filling experience that enhances the patient experience while maintaining HIPAA compliance. It also helps education organizations streamline documentation processes by collecting e-signatures from parents, teachers and students. 

“Jotform Sign speeds up the signing process from days to just a matter of hours,” said a Jotform beta user in the education sector. “Other e-signature products we’ve used in the past meant spending time educating people on how to sign, were way too expensive and would delay the process. With Jotform Sign, our busy principals can read documents on their phones and sign with their fingers, and parents registering their kids for school can read the documents on tablets and sign dozens of documents easily. Jotform Sign means less budget for us and less time wasted on paperwork.”

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Jotform offers a full suite of no-code products designed to help organizations manage their workflows, including a Form Builder, PDF Editor, Mobile Forms, Tables, Apps and Approvals. Jotform Sign can be used with the Jotform Form Builder or as a standalone product. As part of Jotform’s free Starter plan, it’s available at no additional cost to users. 

With Jotform, organizations go from busywork to less work with powerful forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, automate workflows and more. With over 16 years in business, 17 million users worldwide and 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth, Jotform is a trusted global brand that’s expanding every day.

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