QuestionPro Acquires Bryght AI

Adds powerful “conversational intelligence” analytics to its existing suite of research and survey services

QuestionPro, a global leader in online survey and research services has acquired Bryght AI, a “conversational intelligence” platform that helps companies drive customer retention, satisfaction, conversion and compliance by analyzing digital customer brand engagement. QuestionPro will add Bryght AI’s technology across all of its survey and research platforms.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), Bryght AI analyzes millions of customer messages as well as other brand mentions across social media, online reviews, and other digital venues. The result is a rich data set that helps companies understand the effectiveness of their customer interactions as well as what is being said about the brand outside of company communications channels.

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Traditionally it has been extremely complicated for NLP and ML to accurately analyze and make sense of human conversations, emotion, intent and attitude. Bryght AI has solved for this not only with sophisticated, proprietary algorithms, but also created industry-specific terminology, jargon, euphemisms and other keywords to make analysis even more accurate for certain industries.

“In simplest terms, with structured data, you get what you ask for. With unstructured data, you get what you didn’t even know to ask,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, founder and CEO of QuestionPro. “With advanced analytics now for both structured and unstructured data built into our platforms, clients will now be able to derive even better insights and business intelligence.”

Companies use Bryght.AI to predict customer satisfaction/net promoter score; conversion, upsell and cross-sell opportunities; churn; product/feature/competitor references. The platform also analyzes, detects and reports regulatory compliance, policy compliance and abuse. Companies set the metrics they wish to measure, and Bryght.AI provides the results in dashboards as well as raw data sets for quick or detailed further analysis by the client.

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QuestionPro is a global provider of online survey and research services, including specific platforms for Customer Experience, Research & Insights and Employee/Workforce experience, that are used and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, including more than a dozen in the Fortune 500. The Bryght.AI technology will be integrated across QuestionPro’s platforms.

“Unstructured text embedded in customer conversations represents a gold mine of data. Our platform can automatically tag large volumes of such unstructured text data without requiring laborious manual efforts,” said Praful Chavda, founder and CEO of Bryght AI. “These insights help customers drive critical actions such as retention/upsell emails, net promoter score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, compliance and risk audits, and personalization via micro-segmentation”

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