Prioritizing the value of experience has driven feedback and experience management leader Sogolytics to crank up the pace.

In the past, Sogolytics used longer development cycles to roll out new functionality and improvements in larger batches three or four times a year. Recently, though, the team has revamped the model to roll out updates every few weeks.

“The sprint model gives us the opportunity to iterate,” highlighted Sogolytics CEO Hamid Farooqui. “We have a solid product road map, but we also learn as we go to ensure everything works as smoothly as possible.”

While the advent of the sprint model was in July, the team has now rolled out multiple successful sprints, including one focused on the company’s rebrand in August.

“It’s exciting to be able to share these updates with our colleagues and our clients,” shared VP of Success Melissa Krut. “This model keeps us on our toes, but it’s amazing to see the changes happening so quickly. ‘Now you can!’ should probably be the tagline we use to describe it!”

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The iterative approach means that, while small UI and UX improvements will always continue, larger features and updates are introduced in phases. A perfect example is Answer Display Logic, recently introduced for exploration and then expanded to include more use cases and options.

“We always look forward to hearing from our users about their experiences,” said Director of Product Management Dhananjay Dheru. “Now, we are implementing these changes incrementally to test and learn from each phase of the roll-out.”

Learn more about specific features and updates in each sprint’s release notes, including the recent 30.5 overview here.

Beyond continuous product growth, Sogolytics is set to continue growing its market presence and thought leadership as a full-cycle feedback and experience management software provider.

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