Combine Dialogflow, Lex and Watson into a Powerful AI Assistant

Conversational AI is making leaps and bounds with resource pooling by 1Chatbota

In-App Chat announced 1Chatbot a unified approach to conversational AI technologies. 1Chatbot combines the NLU engines of Dialogflow, Lex and Watson and offers a powerful way for SMEs to automate and provider superior customer support. A deep dive on the cutting edge approach to orchestrate multiple chatbots into one has also been published on Medium:

“The 4th industrial revolution requires the interoperability of disparate chatbot and cloud service platforms…this is possible with 1Chatbot,” says Ron Lewis former Head of Innovation at Lumen.

“1Chatbot is a powerful virtual agent comprised of all the major cloud service companies that has unlimited potential to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve or exceed anticipated ROI.” —Steven Almeida, Chatbot Architect at RallySeller

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Features and benefits of 1Chatbot include.

– Create a dynamic and scalable chatbot backend

– Allow synchronous group work (not available in any individual NLU platform)

– Access multiple cloud service providers easily with a unified architecture

1Chatbot will be available starting November 8, 2022, as a $30 add-on to In-App Chat’s chat SDK.

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