Leadangel Prevents Duplicity With Data Deduplication in Real Time

LeadAngel announces the release of its real-time data duplication capabilities. Without much configuration, CRM users can now use platform to de-dupe leads.

Salesforce CRM users can now use LeadAngel platform to de-dupe leads-lead, lead-contact and contact-contact. LeadAngel also provides a account-account duplicate report based on fuzzy matching algorithm to remove account duplicates.

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B2B Enterprises are increasing adopting technology for sales and marketing operations and automation. Sales and Marketing strategies are evolving and many Marketing Automation and CRM tools such as Salesforce continue to enhance to bridge the execution gap. Customers expect quick and concise information from their vendors and partners. Outdated or redundant information makes an irate customer, while also increases the data management and maintenance costs. Maintaining a cleaner lead database is more important than ever for accurate and effective communication.

LeadAngel’s data de-dupe platform runs unattended. With real time data dedupe, data matching (leads and contacts against account), and auto conversion of leads into contact/account, B2B sales operations can now target and communicate more effectively, while keeping the database clean, and the low costs operational cost.

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