LeadAngel Releases Real-Time Data Cleansing to Manage Junk Leads

LeadAngel announces the release of real-time data cleansing capabilities where leads can be de-duped, cleansed & matched against CRM & virtual accounts.

Leads can also be converted into a new contact (and account if needed), or can be merged with existing matching contacts. Check out LeadAngel’s official website for more information.

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Tech savvy B2B Enterprises are increasing adopting technology for sales and marketing. As Marketing Automation and CRM tools continue to improve, so are marketing and sales business strategies. There has been a very visible shift from batch and blast marketing to more targeted, context based marketing and sales. Maintaining a cleaner lead database is more important than ever for accurate and effective communication.

LeadAngel’s lead cleansing and dedupe works with various CRM and Marketing Automation systems such as Salesforce, Marketo & Pardot. With real time cleansing and matching, B2B sales operations customers can now target and communicate more effectively.

Marketing Technology News: Converting Leads with LeadAngel’s Lead to Account Matching Algorithm

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