How to Use Audience Insights to Transform your Data Strategy for Better Marketing ROI

Audience insights is data collected from the people making use of social media or online media. Every business uses audience insights to improve marketing strategies. With audience insights, it becomes easy to find people on social media whose interests will match your business. Audience insights help you learn about people’s interests, hobbies, age, job titles, companies, education, relationship status and much more.

How to use audience insights for marketing?

  • Narrow down your target audience

By looking at the audience insights from your previous marketing campaign, you will understand who viewed your ads the most, where they live, what age group they are from, what their gender is, what languages they understand, what their interests are and a lot more. You can use this data to define your target audience more precisely and then run a targeted ad campaign.

  • Discover the type of content your audience likes

Every audience has varied interests. While some prefer watching videos, others might prefer reading about your product. Audience insights will give you all the data to determine the type of content your audience best responds to. Whether images, infographics, animations, reels or long videos, audience insights will help you determine the best content type for your next marketing campaign.

  • Decide when and what to post

Audience insights have an amazing capability of collecting device and time data from your audience. It collects data on what devices your audience uses, which ones you can use to make your content device friendly for your audience. In addition to that, audience insights will also tell you when your audience is most active and the best time to reach them. Based on that, you can schedule or plan your next posts.

  • Make a target list for further reference

Audience insights collect tons of data from the audience. Everything is collected and turned into insights, from whether they reacted to the post to how much time they spent interacting with your post. Many times, businesses are not able to run campaigns immediately one after another. That is when the data collected from audience insights should be stored in a usable way for further reference. You might even be able to make a mailing list from the insights you previously did not have.

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A few top platforms and tools that will help you use your audience insights to drive business goals

  • Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a social media analytics tool that can be used on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This tool gives you deep audience insights. The Unbox Social gives you demographics on your audience and keeps track of content themes that brands in your niche are using.

  • Synthesio

Synthesio is an excellent tool when it comes to tracking audience insights. It does all the tasks a typical audience insights tracker is supposed to do. In addition to that, Synthesio focuses on unexplored trends, unexplored opportunities, unexplored niche, and unexplored audiences in your niche, which you can use to drive your future marketing campaigns.

  • People Pattern

People Pattern was developed with the sole purpose of tracking audience insights. It is a data-driven platform that suggests changes and improvements in your marketing strategies based on the collected audience data. People Pattern has an audience intelligence framework which is the main component that collects audience data and turns it into insights.

  • Audiense

Audiense is a dedicated platform for audience insights. This segmentation is done based on the cultural understanding data collected from the audience. The actionable insight of this tool comes in handy when it comes to targeting a specific set of audiences. If your niche or product greatly depends on the cultural background of your audience, then Audiense is the best tool for your business.

  • Meltwater

Meltwater is a versatile tool. It offers solutions for several problem statements of your business. Audience insights is one of the major solutions offered by Meltwater. Meltwater conducts audience-centric social listening in addition to audience segmentation to collect insightful data from the audience. Meltwater helps a great deal in decoding consumer behavior.

Making use of audience insights while planning a marketing strategy is a smart move. Several businesses have reported excellent growth after incorporating audience insights to design their marketing campaigns.

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