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The shift in online advertising and marketing trends today’s are shaped by how B2B consumers are becoming smarter in their product and choice approach; here’s what the best in B2B marketing and martech feel about these expanding changes:


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Optimizing media for different devices, browsers, and social media channels is highly detailed and repetitive work that’s essential, time-consuming, and quite tedious for developers. In other words, a perfect job for AI automation. There are free and subscription-based tools available that use AI to optimise images and video in the four main stages of the media asset lifecycle: creation, editing, delivery, and enhancement. 

Doron Sherman, VP of Evangelism at Cloudinary  

Top MarTech News of The Week: 06th September to 10th September 2021

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Martech Interview with Andy Johnson, Chief Data Officer at Adstra 
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The power of any marketing tool is the accuracy and consistency of the information being passed through the tool. It is the common statement of GIGO. What marketers need to be doing is focus in on the way data is being gathered, connected and passed through their existing martech tools. –Andy Johnson, Chief Data Officer at Adstra  



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